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Use Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus As GPS Navigation

Google Maps, as a web-based service designed to provide detailed geographical information about any location around the world, comes with a special feature called Google Navigation. Most smartphone users already have it pre-installed, though not many of them are actually aware of or interested in using it.

iOS users can have access to Google Maps too, but only that they will have to manually install it, while Windows Phone users cannot have access to it at all. Since you are having a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus and, therefore, free access to Google Navigation, why wouldn’t you use it as your own, personal sat navigation?

Despite being in Beta for quite some time, the Google Navigation service works like charm and you could take advantage of it anywhere you go. Useful when driving, using the public transport, or even walking, it can guide you step-by-step to your final destination.

The best part is that you don’t need to install anything in order to use it. All you have to do is to keep the GPS or the Location turned on and, of course, to have an active data connection in place:

  1. Launch the Google Maps app;
  2. Type your destination in the white box located right at the top of the screen;
  3. Tap on the car icon located at the bottom of the screen, right on the right-hand-side of the display, and you should access your navigation options and an estimated travel time;
  4. Edit the journey details if necessary – start and end points, preferred routes, and travel methods;
  5. Tap on Start Navigation when you’re ready (or select the arrow icon from the bottom corner of the screen if you’ve switched back to the map view in the meantime);
  6. Confirm that you accept the terms in the window that will pop up warning you that the software is in beta version and some information and data may not be accurate;
  7. The app will automatically switch to the Google Navigation screen and start your guided navigation.


These are the simple steps for using the Google Navigation. With the GPS turned on, you can expect to benefit from higher accuracy with all your turn-by-turn directions. On top of all that, you will also receive live traffic information, such as incident reports and suggestions for dynamic re-routing in case that some roads on your route have been suddenly blocked.

The only things you won’t get when using Google Maps Navigation on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus are the speed limits and speed camera warnings, so proceed with caution!



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Mar 30, 2017

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