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How To See Your Verizon Data Usage

How To See Your Verizon Data Usage

Unfortunately, you can’t always use a Wi-Fi connection to access the internet. There are situations where using your cell phone data is your only option.

Keeping track of your data usage is crucial. Going over the data limit is an expense you don’t need in your life. Most providers charge extremely high fees when you use too much data and Verizon is no different.

If you’re a Verizon user, it is easy to check your data usage whenever you need to. There are several ways to do it.

1. #DATA Tool

Simply dial #3282 to get an update. If you disconnect immediately, Verizon will send you a free text with your current data usage information. You can stay on the line and receive the information verbally.

The number for this option is easy to remember. Simply think of the number pad and the word “data”.

2. #MIN Tool

If you’re looking for more information, dial #646. Verizon will verbally inform you of your minute usage and message usage. Don’t disconnect until you get to the options, then select Option 3 to hear about your data.

3. My Verizon Usage Meters

You can use your computer or tablet to monitor your data usage. To use this option, you need a My Verizon account, which you can create here.

First, you should download the My Verizon app to your device. Now use your number and password to sign in.

The My Verizon app makes it easy to switch from one data plan to another. It’s a good idea to do that if you’re getting close to your data limit. Instead of paying fees for crossing your limit, you can simply add more data to your plan.

In addition to the usage plans, your My Verizon account is great for blocking spam. You can also use it to pay your monthly bills online.

4. Data Utilization Tool

When you create a My Verizon account, you get automatic access to this free online tool. Here is how you use it:

Sign In to My Verizon

Tap on My Usage

Tap on View Data Utilization

A disclaimer might pop up at this point. Read it and then tap on Continue to get to your data.

Data Utilization tells you more than just how much data you spent. It’s a useful tool if you want to review your data habits, as it gives you a breakdown by category. For example, you can find out how much data you use in all your social media apps together.

5. Use VZAccess Manager

You have another way to check your data from a Windows 10 computer. Simply follow these steps:

Install VZAccess Manager

You can download this official software here. Installing it is simple; all you have to do is click through the process.

Connect Your Phone to Your PC

VZAccess needs Wi-Fi or WWAN access for setup. To connect it to your phone, use your Verizon account details. This tool lets you manage your internet connections and gives you remote access to some of your phone’s features.

Enter the Start Menu

Click on Settings

Now, you want to select the “Network and Internet” option.

Select Data Usage

VZAccess represents your data usage with a graph that breaks down all of your recent internet usage by type. This piece of software also breaks down the data you used by the app. So if you suspect one of your apps is consuming too much data, this is the easiest way to check.

A Final Word

Did you know that streaming an hour of video requires 350 MB of data? It is far too easy to go over your limit even when you’re careful. You might not notice that you’re using your data rather than the Wi-Fi.

It’s a good idea to make a habit of monitoring your data usage regularly, as it helps you avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

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