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Will There Be a Season 8 of Ray Donovan?

Will There Be a Season 8 of Ray Donovan?

Fans of Ray Donovan have recently enjoyed a satisfying and amusing seventh series. Now they’re no doubt curious about the future. Will there be a season 8? Sadly, the answer to that question is still unclear. Fans are pretty vocal about wanting another season, but the show’s ratings have been in steady decline for the past few seasons.

Despite the fanbase, it’s looking less and less likely that an eighth season of Ray Donovan will happen, but if it does, it won’t be on Showtime—and it’ll be the last.

Showtime’s Official Comment

Ray Donovan is one of the most successful shows on Showtime, but unfortunately, its ratings have slipped over the last several seasons. The fan base for Ray Donovan is huge, however, and for that reason, Showtime would be wrong to give up on such a masterpiece without having a proper ending. Ray Donovan’s seventh season had under a million viewers per episode, far below what Showtime was expecting.

Gary Levine, the VP in charge of entertainment at Showtime, said that we’re most likely to get a season 8 of Ray Donovan. He was also honest about how the show’s end is near. According to him, the general consensus on Showtime was to have seven to eight seasons of Ray Donovan in total.

Despite his comments, Ray Donovan was canceled by Showtime in 2020, officially ending production on the show. This seemed to be a surprise to both the cast and crew, since an eighth season was expected.

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Comment from the Leading Star of the Show

Liev Schreiber, known for playing the titular character Ray Donovan, decided to voice his thanks to the fans of the show, who were nothing but supportive. Just after the finale had aired, he urged the fans to talk to the network and express their wish for season 8 to happen. This is his official Instagram post. Take a look if you haven’t seen it already. The fact that the actor himself asked fans to support the idea of season 8 gives us hope for the future. The cast is obviously willing to give the show a proper conclusion. After all, they’re the main reason why it’s been so successful.

After Showtime cancelled the show, Liev posted a new Instagram post to his account, making it clear that, in some way, shape, or form, Ray Donovan would return.


Why Season 8 Is Necessary

Too many great TV shows were canceled abruptly. This always leaves fans heartbroken, sometimes even the actors, producers, and everyone else involved. What the fans of TV shows want is a proper ending. The same goes for Ray Donovan. Without risking any spoilers, the season 7 finale did bring big reveals and delivered the quality that was expected from this TV masterpiece. The buildup of drama and tension in season 7 reached its peak, and it would be a shame to drop the show when it got so exciting.

It’s truly remarkable how a show that’s running for so long can still be so gripping and progressively better with each season.

When Could the Season 8 Drop?

If season 8 of Ray Donovan does eventually air, it could be a much longer gap in time between seasons, as Showtime and CBS look for a new buyer.

So, all being well, Ray Donovan season 8 will most likely start airing in 2021. There’s still no official statement from Showtime regarding Liev’s Instagram post, but we expect that they will make an official announcement pretty soon.

They have to make up their mind relatively quickly and decide what to do with the show. A lot of people are waiting for their decision, so sit tight and cross your fingers.

Most Likely There Will Be

Season 8 of Ray Donovan might just happen. We’re not trying to spread fake rumors or get the fans’ hopes up. However, taking everything into account, and using some logic, it appears that season 8 should work, if Liev can get Showtime to work in his favor.

Sometimes, network officials don’t want to use logic and only care about ratings and profit. Just look at the cancellation of all the great Marvel shows from Netflix. Disney just wouldn’t let the fans have their rightful endings.

Hopefully, Showtime is better than that. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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