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Wireless Charging For Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Not Working (Solution)

Wireless Charging For Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Not Working (Solution)

Imagine living in 2018 without the ability to charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wirelessly. It is enough to leave one disappointed. Just like you are right now as you did a quick Google search on the internet for a way to get your Galaxy Note 9 to charge wirelessly.
You’re here now so put your mind at ease as we have the solution at hand.
What have been your options when trying to charge your Samsung smartphone wirelessly? Did you use the customary Samsung wireless charging pad? Or perhaps, you did one better by using the classic Samsung Qi fast-charge wireless charging pad?
The two wireless charging pads are available for purchase everywhere you turn. Many airports even have charging pads at different areas for passengers.
Chances are you have tried using different wireless charging pads for your Galaxy Note 9. You might have even removed the protective case of your device and tried different angles without any success, all in a bid to get rid of the annoying ‘’wireless charging paused’’ error message off your screen.
The truth of the matter is there is a problem with your USB cable. In case you don’t know, the longer a USB cable is, the higher chances are that your device will show the error message and stop the charging process.
If the wireless charging feature on your Galaxy Note 9 does not work, the best solution to rectify this issue is to use a shorter cable when connecting your device to the wireless charging pad. There are awesome choices on websites like Amazon.
You can also try premium micro USB fast charge cables like the Sabrent 22AWG. A praised model like this tiny cable will certainly do the trick. Once you have opted for a shorter cable, you can expect the overall charging power to boost when entering your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
This will lead to a super-fast wireless charging process.

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Jeremy Bello

Aug 17, 2018

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