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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Shield Icon – Meaning

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Shield Icon – Meaning

There are many symbols that flood your display screen every day when using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. You do not have to be scared about what these icons mean for your Android operating system. It is understandable that you might get scared when you notice an unfamiliar shield icon on your home screen so you definitely want to know what it means. That is why you are reading this after all.

Just like a shield typically symbolizes, the shield icon when it appears on the Galaxy Note 9 screen is related to the security of your smartphone. The shield icon represents the options you have regarding security on your device.

These options or guidelines can be streamlined to a particular issue and should be regularly updated from time to time. The importance of ever-improving security updates cannot be underestimated in the smartphone industry.

Samsung has spared users the ordeal of having to manually search and update these guidelines, hence the shield icon is designed to lead you to the specific are where the update for the security guidelines will be taking place and what to do about the updates.

Shield Icon and Updates On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

To simply state, the shield icon on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 means that there are updates that need to be attended to. Whenever you notice the shield icon on your screen, simply do the following.

  1. Slide down the notification panel from the top of the screen to get a better look at the details of the shield icon notification
  2. Click on the symbol and allow the updates to run
  3. If the update doesn’t run, then the icon is simply a reminder of an earlier update. It usually pops up when enabled to perform automatically

Once the update runs after you have clicked on the shield icon on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can expect your downloaded apps and system apps to have been upgraded to the maximum security standards for that smartphone.

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