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Is Amazon Still Shipping Orders?

Is Amazon Still Shipping Orders?

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way many things work. What happens after the mandatory quarantine and social distancing are over is still unclear. Meanwhile, people are making the most of delivery services like Amazon, trying to stay inside and follow the guidelines.

But is Amazon even shipping now? And if so, have there been any changes? The answer is yes, to both. You can still order from Amazon, but the shipping will be delayed a bit. The company has addressed its customers and sellers to explain the situation further.

Amazon COVID-19 Policy

Amazon has made it clear that they are continuing with all of their shipping activities. So, as before, you can place your order, and Amazon will deliver it. But there are two significant changes to the shipping policy.

The first change has to do with Amazon’s relationship with its selling partners. It applies to those who sell to Amazon in bulk and those who only use its warehouses for shipping. Amazon is currently only accepting the essential household orders which fit into these six categories:

  1. Baby products
  2. Beauty and personal care
  3. Pet supplies
  4. Groceries
  5. Health and Household
  6. Industrial and Scientific

Most Amazon partners are now shipping the non-essential items on their own. But Amazon is making it their priority to have fully stocked warehouses with the essentials that are high in demand. Amazon is still delivering all of the non-essential items as well, but they’re not accepting anymore from other sellers.

The second significant difference is the estimated time for Amazon deliveries. When you’re buying through Amazon, you will see that the delivery times have been updated on the product detail and the checkout pages.

How long will it take for the package to arrive will depend on many factors, so make sure that the estimated delivery fits into your plans. Also, this change affects Prime and Non-prime users identically.


Can You Still Track Your Order?

One of the best things about using Amazon delivery service is that you can track your order online. The good news is that you can still do that. You can use the Amazon mobile app for iOS or Android. And you can go to Your Orders on the Amazon website.

You can still change the delivery address, but you have to consider several things first, if the address you’ve listed is for places that are currently closed, like schools and restaurants. And if you are expecting your delivery to arrive in one of the Amazon Hub Lockers, be mindful of their location as well.

In case the delivery isn’t possible on any of the addresses you’ve listed, Amazon will notify you. And it will likely redirect your package to your home address.

Amazon Still Shipping Orders

Can You Still Return Items?

Not to worry, you can still return items to Amazon as usual. As per Amazon return policy, you can return any items shipped within 30 days of delivery. When you’re posting the return, you will initially have to do it at your own expense.

However, Amazon supports refunds up to $20. If the postage costs are higher, you have to contact Amazon Customer Service Directly. Also, keep in mind that if you’re ordering from the Amazon Fresh and Grocery category, which include things like wine, you can’t get a refund or a replacement.

Is Amazon Still Shipping Order

Is There Any Price Gouging?

Understandability, in times of crisis, people are worried about price gouging. While you’re staying home, the last thing you need is for someone to exploit you.

That is why Amazon has done everything to ensure that there are no artificial price rises during the pandemic. They’ve already removed many such items, and they continue to monitor for other.

What About Reducing Contact with the Drivers?

For both the Amazon customers and employees, there are some new rules when it comes to deliveries. Amazon has requested from the delivery partners to only leave packages in front of the door.

And if they have to check the customer’s ID, the rule is to do it from a safe distance. You can also leave specific delivery instructions for the driver in the address section on the site. When it comes to delivering Large and Bulky items, the process will be the same.

Everyone Has to Do Their Part

At the time of writing this article, these are Amazon’s shipping and delivery rules. But as things change, the company might adjust them.

Hopefully, things will go back to the way they were soon, and that includes Amazon deliveries. Until then, everyone should stay safe and shop safely too.

Have you been purchasing from Amazon lately? How long did the delivery take? Let us know in the comments section below.

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