App Keeps Crashing On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus (Solution)

Within less than a year from the official release of Samsung’s latest flagships, users have beginning to complain about app crashes on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus issues. It is true, any device can experience such problems at some point. But when you are dealing with it often rather than rare, it means your problem persists.

It doesn’t matter if it happens with the same app or with random third-party apps. Try to upgrade your Galaxy device to the latest software version available and then, have a look at the following 5 solutions for app crashes on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus.


Solution #1 – Factory reset

A factory reset will literally make your device look like new. All data is erased, all your Google account settings are forgotten, you begin the configuration from scratch. But if you back up all the files and photos or videos in advance, you have nothing to lose.


Solution #2 – Remove unnecessary apps

This doesn’t necessarily refer to the apps that make your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus to crash. Especially when these episodes are triggered randomly by different third-party apps, it is best to do a cleanup and remove whatever apps you no longer need. Space up the internal memory by deleting all unnecessary files and apps and see how it goes.


Solution #3 – Remove faulty apps

Nevertheless, if you have noticed that using a specific app will almost always lead to crashes, you can suspect that particular app as faulty. This obviously isn’t Samsung’s fault, but you could blame the developer of the app. Do some research, read some reviews, try to see if other users complain about the same app and if they do, you’d better delete the bad app ASAP.


Solution #4 – Restart the device more often

Many Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus users only restart their devices when they encounter a problem. But doing a simple restart every now and then, without a particular reason, can actually help the system function much better, avoiding memory issues at the same time.


Solution #5 – Clear app data and cache

Just like the internal memory can often be choked, so can the cache memory. To clear app data and cache, launch Manage Applications from the Apps folder, select the app that keeps causing the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus crashes, and select the option labeled as Clear Data And Cache.

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