Apple iPhone 10 Keeps Restarting Itself: Get Help Fixing All Problems

Posted by Sam Summers on October 3, 2018

Although the iPhone 10 is an amazing smartphone that has a lot of powerful features but it is not perfect just like every other smartphone. After using it for awhile, the iPhone 10 starts misbehaving and shuts down randomly while you are still using it.

When you start noticing issues like this, the best thing you should do is to take it to an Apple certified technician or where you bought it, so that they can look into it and see what is causing the issue.

Another advantage of returning it to the shop where you got it is that you can get a replacement if your iPhone 10 is still under warranty or they can help you to fix it, and you won‘t need to spend your money.

Your iPhone 10 shutting down at random times can be because of a major malfunction on the device. There are multiple causes of this issue on iPhone 10, some of the reasons rogue apps that you need to update or uninstall a faulty battery or a malware. The guide below will provide you with everything that you need to know about the issue on your iPhone 10.

The iOS operating system causes the Apple iPhone 10 to keep restarting

If you realize that your iPhone 10 is freezing and restarting randomly because of an annoying firmware, the best course of action is to reset your device. This method is effective in fixing the issue on your iPhone 10.

It’s also vital to point out that you should make sure you backup all the important files that you have on your iPhone 10 before you reset your iPhone 10 so that you will not lose your files. The reason why it is important to backup is that this process will delete everything that you have on your iPhone 10.

An application is responsible for the random reboots

Putting your iPhone 10 in safe mode is another way of fixing the sudden reboot issue on your device. The Safe mode makes it possible for your iPhone 10 to work without the interference of the faulty app or any third party app that you downloaded from the App Store. This will give you the chance to uninstall any app that you think is causing the freezing issue on your iPhone 10.

How To Put Your iPhone 10 In Safe Mode

  1. Touch and hold the Power and Home keys until the screen turn black then let go of the Home while still holding the power key
  2. As soon as the Apple logo comes up, touch and hold the volume up  key until the springboard appears
  3. The tweaks under the settings menu will disappear to confirm that your iPhone 10 is in safe mode.

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