Best Pokemon Go Nicknames

Best Pokemon Go Nicknames

Hey, all you Pokémon Go players! It’s not enough to catch ’em all–if you want the Pokémon you’ve caught to stand out as your Pokémon, you’ve got to name ’em all, too.

You might even have heard about naming certain Pokémon, such as your Eevees, so that they’ll transform into a distinct evolution of the Eevee form. You know, like “Tamao” to get an Umbreon or “Sakura” to gain an Espeon. These are the two latest additions to the Eevee evolution catalog.

How can you come up with worthy nicknames for all of your newly captured friends?

Well, while scoping things out on the internet, we ran across some unique names for Pokémon and trainers alike. We’ve found some Pokémon Go nicknames that are not just creative, but made us chuckle, so we’re compiling a list of some of the best ones we’ve come across.

Have a look at our list.  Some may even make you LOL.

Pokémon Nicknames

The first one in the list made me chuckle quite a bit.  Some of these Pokémon names you all have come up with are just too good not to write about it.

You can edit or change your Pokémon’s nickname whenever you want and you can do it an unlimited number of times.  All you’ve got to do is tap on the Pokemon you want to name then, tap the pencil icon next to your Pokémon’s current name.  Finally, type the name then, tap the okay button and you’re all set.

  • Gastly – Rick Gastly
  • Pinsir – Senor Snips
  • Spearow – Jack Spearow
  • Tangela – Headphones
  • Tentacool – Tentacruel
  • Snorlax – Mama June
  • Porygon – Windows 95
  • Exeguttor – Tree Stooges
  • Kakuna – Kakunamatata
  • Vaporeon – Baeporeon
  • Psyduck – Odd Duck
  • Magikarp – A flop
  • Venonat – Allergy Ball
  • Exeggcute – Humpty Dumpt
  • Charmander – Charring Inferno
  • Ekans – Ekanescence
  • Raticate – Nasty Gerbil
  • Fearow – Guy Fearowi
  • Sandshrew – Brick Rat
  • Clefairy – Clip Art
  • Ponyta – MLPonyta
  • Meowth – Cat with a horn
  • Magneton – Freeloader
  • Jynx – Nicki Minaj
  • Krabby – Mr. Krabs

These are just some of the names we’ve found that stand out from the rest. You could also use a Pokémon name generator to come up with randomly generated names, and choose the one you like the most for your designated Pokémon.

Next, we’ll give you some of the Pokemon Trainer nicknames that we thought were great.

Here’s what we’ve got for you.

Pokémon Go Trainer Nicknames

If you’re not too thrilled with your current Pokemon Go trainer name, remember that you can change it once. To do that, tap the Pokéball from your home screen in Pokémon Go. Then, tap the settings gear icon in the upper right on your mobile screen. Scroll down until you see “Change Nickname.” Then, when you’ve found or come up with a better nickname, change away.

We used the Pokémon Go trainer name generator to come up with a list of names to inspire you. Only the most creative or silly ones were selected.

  • Aquababy Gingersnap
  • BFFL – Natu
  • Tangela R. Over
  • Wobet Ashscream
  • Lizard Hou
  • Cottonmouth Bluebeard
  • Omny Snookums
  • April P. Nutts
  • Purple Man Dragonsky
  • Garbodor Ledyba
  • Rocky Whooper
  • Arsenal Crablight
  • Thor Hammerscribe
  • Clock King Diglett
  • Pickles Mooncloud
  • Monlee Chickorita
  • King Shark Heavyfeather
  • Angel Vapereon
  • Darth Vader Pikachu
  • Bloodwraith Granbull
  • Stormtrooper Frostslayer
  • Stardust Scyther
  • Iron Monger Pidgey
  • Doctor Fate Firepunch
  • Cyclops Windfang

Feel free to use these trainer names we generated or use the link we’ve included to pick your own. If you need help with other parts of the game, we’ve also got plenty of other articles to get you on the right track, from how to get pokéballs to how to set up a gym.

There you go. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of creative and silly names for either your Pokémon or your Pokémon Go trainer. Let us know what you think.


Posted by Heather on March 14, 2017

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