A Better Browsing History in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browsing history shows you a basic list of website pages you’ve previously opened in your browser. There you can quickly reopen previously opened pages if you need to, but it’s little more than a basic list with a search box. You can add a new, enhanced browsing history to Google Chrome with the Better History extension.

This is the Better History extension page from which you can it to Google Chrome. Then you can click the Better History button on the toolbar to open the new history page. Alternatively, click the menu button at the top right corner of the browser and select History > History to open it. It replaces your standard browsing history with the one shown in the shot below.

browsing history

First, you’ll probably spot there are some notable UI adjustments with the dateline running across the top of the page. Now you can click the date boxes at the top to open a list of all the website pages on that day. Below that you can further break the list down by clicking the time circles. For example, selecting four shows you all the sites open from four to five pm.

When you move the cursor over one of the pages, you can select either a Delete or More from site option. Clicking More from site will show you a list of all the pages you opened from the same site on that date. So that’s a handy filtering option for searching.

Better History also has enhanced search tools. You can search the pages by entering either their titles or URLs in the search box. Alternatively, you can also right-click selected text on a website page and select a Search in history option from the context menu. Then Better History shows you matching pages with yellow highlighting to highlight them as below.

browsing history2

Then you can also click Statistic to open the pie chart shown below. This shows you your browsing history stats with some pie charts. They illustrate time spent on most frequently visited websites.

browsing history3

Click Settings to open a few more options for the new history page. Then you can press Clear history to erase all the pages. In addition, it also includes a few other right-click options.

Overall, Better History is a good addition to Google Chrome that has a better UI and more effective search options than the default browsing history. History Calendar and History 2 are two other Chrome extensions that also add new browsing histories to the browser. 

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