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Clear History Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Solution)

Clear History Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Solution)

Want to know how to clear history on the Samsung Note 8? It’s very easy to clear your browser history so that nobody that has access to your device can see what you’ve been viewing. In the guide provided below, we explain to you how you can clear the history of the Note 8 so that you don’t need to worry about anybody seeing it.


How to clear Google Chrome history on Samsung Note 8

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers on Android, so we’ll explain to you how you can clear your browsing history on Google Chrome too. With Google Chrome, you have the option to delete your entire history or just delete the history of a single website. To delete history on Google Chrome, open the app, then tap the menu button at the top right. After that, tap the history option. On the next page, tap the “Clear Browsing Data.” You’ll now have options to choose what history you’d like to delete.


How to clear browser history on Samsung Note 8

If you’re using the Samsung Note 8 browser, you’ll need to follow different steps to delete your history. first, open the browser app. Next, tap the menu symbol in the top right. After that, tap the “Settings” option. Tap on the Privacy button on the next page and then tap “Delete Personal Data.”

The first thing you should do is turn on the Samsung Note 8 and go to the Android browser. Once there, select the three-point or three-dot symbol. After you have selected the symbol a menu will show up and you should select the “Settings” option.

After that, look for the Privacy option and select on “Delete Personal Data.” You’ll now have the option to delete your data from your browser. You can choose to delete your cookies, your saved passwords, and the website that you have visited.

Once you have selected what you want to delete, simply tap the delete button and the browsing history will be removed.


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