How To Delete All Google Photos

Even if Google Photos has worked well for you, there may come a time when you’ll need to delete your photos and your account. This process is straightforward enough that we created a three-minute video on how to delete all your photos from Google Photos from your mobile device or from the desktop. In addition to the video, we’ve written an article for those who prefer written detailed instructions.

How to Delete All Google Photos

Here’s a TechJunkie how-to video on how to bulk delete your photos from Google Photos:

This video is an efficient way to learn how to delete your Google Photos but If you’d prefer written instructions on how to delete your Google Photos, read on.

Google Photos was a nifty addition at its launch in 2015. Since its arrival, its capabilities have expanded significantly. Unlimited storage, cross-platform sync up, and easy to navigate layout are only a few things that nabbed our attention.

Apple even tossed in a photo recognition AI that can capture faces in the crowd and link them to other known persons without even having tagged them yourself. This can also seem a bit creepy when you really think about it.

Do you really want Google knowing all the details of your life by piecing them together one photo at a time? Even the most mundane landmark in a photo gives Google enough information to track your current location while your device’s location settings are off.

Some people consider it a bit intrusive to have their current location tracked while and want to delete their Google Photos while maintaining some privacy in the process.

How to Delete Google Photos While Maintaining your Privacy

Though some may find it an acceptable tradeoff for being able to use such a powerful tool, there are those who feel that Google may be crossing a line.

I’m here to help you get rid of the “evidence” and stick it to the man. Let’s wipe the slate clean and remove those photos asap.

Deleting Your Photos From Google Photos

Removing your photos from Google’s prying AI isn’t a difficult task but you may want to perform a few pre-steps to ensure everything goes smoothly the first time. You can begin by backing up everything you don’t want to permanently lose.

Save What Needs Saving

You can easily backup anything as Google allows you to grab large groups and even albums of photos at a time. All of which will be compressed down into a nice, tiny .zip file for easy storage. If you’re hoping to save all of your photos, it’d probably be easier to send them all to a folder in Google Drive and then download them to your PC from there. Remember that Google Photos is likely synced up to your mobile device, so any photos deleted in Google Photos will also be deleted from your device.

The Best Way To Delete Your Google Photos

Should you only need to delete a few hundred or fewer photos, you should do so directly in Google Photos. As previously stated, Google Photos allows you to select groups of photos or whole albums for deletion.

But if you want to save everything to your PC or mobile device without Google Photos synced up, you should create a folder in Google Drive to store the photos in for downloading and deletion.


  1. Open up Google Drive and login to the account you want your photos sent to.
  2. Click the gear located in the upper-right corner and open Settings.
  3. While in Settings, scroll to find “Create a Google Photos folder” and put a checkmark in the box.

Mobile Device

  1. In Google Photos, open to your account panel by clicking the three vertical bars in the upper-left corner.
  2. Tap on the gear icon to open Settings.
  3. Locate “Auto Add” inside Google Photos and switch it on.

A folder will now be created in Google Drive for your Google Photos. At this point, you can delete all of the sub-folders individually or the primary folder to delete everything.

When you go to delete the folder, Google will prompt you with a confirmation dialog explaining that this will delete them from Google Photos as well as any synced devices.

You should also turn off the “Back up and sync” feature in Google Photos on your mobile device. This will make it so that your photos taken with your mobile device will no longer sync back to Google Photos.

Removing Photos From Mobile Device

For those who aren’t as disturbed by Google’s snooping, you may want to only remove all photos from your device and not Google Photos. This will allow you to free up room on your phone while still keeping all of your photos safe and sound, backed up to Google Photos. There are a few ways to go about this:

Option 1 – Launch Google Photos on your phone and select a photo for removal. Then tap the triple dots icon toward the top to open the menu. Then just choose Delete from device, and that photo will be removed from your phone but not Google Photos.

Option 2 – Head to Settings in Google Photos and choose Free up device storage. This will let you know that the photos have been backed up to Google Photos and you can tap on Remove to rid your device of all the photos.

Option 3 – This is the typical removal option. Just open your Photos Gallery and move all photos to the trash bin. You can delete multiples in this way as well.

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If you have any tips or tricks on how to delete all your Google Photos on your smartphone, PC, tablet, or macOS, please tell us about it in a comment below!

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