‘Disney Plus Quota Exceeded’ Error – How to Fix

The year ended with people still wrapping their minds about what exactly is Disney Plus and what’s so great about it. Granted, a lot of people subscribed too. It came with a fee significantly lower than what its competitors are asking for, and it delivered several excellent new titles.

Yes, the entire Disney and Pixar library comes with it too. People rushed to sign on, but some were met with technical difficulties. Others experienced issues and error codes. The Quota Exceeded Error might be one of them. If that’s the case, what are you supposed to do to fix it?

Quota Exceeded Error – Who Sees It and Why

Disney Plus has a whole list of error codes that each means something specific. And comes with its own set of solutions. But when it comes to the Quota Exceeded Error, it’s a very specific issue. It has to do with the Delta Airlines offer that rolled out recently.

The airline giant partnered with Disney Plus and offered a 14-day free trial for Disney Plus, instead of the usual 7 days. But a lot of customers have complained about the Quota Exceeded Error after following the link sent to them by Delta.

Disney Plus Quota Exceeded Error

How to Fix It?

The only course of action in this situation is to reach out to Delta Airlines or Disney Plus and ask why you’re seeing this error on the screen. But before you do, you might want to learn a bit more about the offer and whether you are eligible for the extended free trial.

One of the conditions is to sign up for the offer on or before January 31, 2020. After which the offer expires. So, if you decide to go forth with the signup post that date, you might be seeing the Quota Exceeded Error on the screen.

It’s an awesome thing to have two weeks of Disney Plus on a flight before you have to commit to the subscription. Especially on one of those long-haul flights. You might hurry to redeem this deal, but the Quota Exceeded Error message breaks your heart.

Disney Plus

Are You Eligible?

You can’t be an existing Disney Plus subscriber to get these free two weeks of Disney Plus. That’s the standard catch. The intention behind this is to get more new subscribers. You also have to be a US Delta SkyMiles member. But you probably already are if you received this deal.

If both of these conditions apply to you, but you still see the Quota Exceeded Error, there may be other eligibility problems hidden in the fine print. That is why your best bet is to reach out directly to Delta or more likely Disney Plus.

Other Ways to Get Disney Plus for Free

For those who frequently fly with Delta Airlines, the two-week trial could be a source of great entertainment during a flight. Provided that there are no error codes involved that would prevent it. But what are some of the other ways you can get Disney Plus for free for a period? Before you are absolutely sure you are to subscribe?

For one, if you’re a Disney Park employee, you get a free Disney Plus subscription for a year. For those working at the California and Florida Disney parks, a Disney+, Hulu & ESPN Plus bundle is available starting January 2020. This bundle normally costs $12.99 per month. For everyone else, other options apply.

Disney Plus Quota

7-day Trial

Of course, Disney Plus comes with a free trial like almost all streaming services. It’s not for a whole month like with Netflix. But a week is probably enough for people to figure out if they’re ready to spend $6.99 for a Disney Plus subscription. Just go to https://www.disneyplus.com/ and start your 7-day trial.

Verizon Deal

Verizon Wireless also has a great deal with Disney Plus. It’s offering all new customers a whole year of free Disney Plus content. Just think of how many movies and shows you can watch in that period of time. You can sign up by visiting the Verizon website or Verizon app. When you’re done, you’ll see the Disney Plus promotion.

Free Is Rarely (All) Free

When you’re presented with a limited-time free trial for Disney Plus, you can’t help but be interested. You have to see Baby Yoda at least. But these promotions and special offers usually come with conditions, time limits, and fine prints. In the case of Delta Disney Plus promotion, you have about two weeks before it expires. That is if you’re eligible in the first place.

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