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Can DoorDash Deliver Cigarettes?

Can DoorDash Deliver Cigarettes?

Technically, DoorDash can deliver cigarettes, but the platform doesn’t offer them officially. Also, DoorDash doesn’t provide too much information on this topic.

Cigarette deliveries are not too popular, according to some Dashers. They are specially regulated, and they add extra steps to the delivery process, to comply with the law. Here’s more on this somewhat controversial topic, so stick around!

DoorDash Cigarette Delivery

For reference, when we mentioned DoorDash cigarette delivery in this article, it applies to all tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, vape pens, etc. You can order cigarettes via DoorDash if you are of legal age, but there are some additional requirements. Here’s the list:

  1. You need to be 21 or older.
  2. You have to present a valid I.D. (passport, driver’s license, or military I.D.)
  3. You mustn’t be visibly intoxicated while picking up the delivery.

Placing a cigarette order is not difficult. You need to pick a location and a restaurant in the app, add your order and request the cigarettes using the Extra Instructions field in the Preferences tab.

Those are the basic rules for DoorDash customers, and they aren’t so strict. However, the regulations for DoorDash drivers are much more rigorous, and they need to pay extra attention when delivering cigarette orders.

Can DoorDash Deliver Cigarette

The Delivery Process

The delivery process for cigarettes is somewhat complicated. Here is how Dashers need to act on cigarette orders:

  1. They need to verify that the customer is 21 or older when they make the delivery. In other words, they need to check the customer’s I.D. and make sure that it is not a fake or expired one.
  2. Age verification also includes comparing the customer’s facial features with the I.D. they presented. Namely, a Dasher must check if the customer is not a minor posing as an adult.
  3. There are specific locations where Dashers are not allowed to deliver cigarettes. These include hospitals, campuses, schools, sporting events and venues, lockers or post office boxes, prisons, state facilities, and shops that sell cigarettes.
    DoorDash Deliver Cigarettes
  4. Most importantly, Dashers need to use their best judgment. If they have any doubts, they are instructed to reach out to DoorDash and check if they should hand over the cigarettes. They mustn’t deliver cigarettes to a drunken person, either.

Cigarette deliveries are no joke for the drivers. Therefore, many of them won’t accept to deliver tobacco products, and DoorDash allows them to refuse. Dashers can face severe consequences if they break the law (e.g., give cigarettes to minors or intoxicated persons).

Further Explanation

Cigarette delivery falls into the special instructions category, and your Dasher is not obliged to fulfill this special request. If they deliver you tobacco products, respect the rules mentioned above, because if you don’t, they can be in serious trouble. Also, you might not get what you ordered if you don’t follow the rules.

Any specially requested items will be charged extra, and count toward your total bill. You should tip a driver if they agree to bring you cigarettes. If you want to make sure they do that, mention the tip in the special instructions. It will give them a stronger incentive to accept the delivery.

DoorDash and Tobacco Products

DoorDash is somewhat vague about its tobacco products policy. It doesn’t explicitly forbid or allow tobacco delivery. You may or may not get cigarettes delivered to you via DoorDash, as it mostly depends on the driver and whether they’ll accept the delivery or not.

How did it go for you? Did you get your cigarettes via DoorDash? Would you appreciate it if they added tobacco products to their official item selection? Talk to us, that’s why the comments section is here.

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27 thoughts on “Can DoorDash Deliver Cigarettes?”

Ingrid says:
Leave it up to the Dasher, if they are willing to deliver they should be able to!
Dan says:
I’m in a wheelchair and can’t drive so it would be helpful for them to deliver cigarettes
Sam says:
I have the same exact issue I was born with spinea bifida and now I’m a double amputee that can’t drive. But I haven’t found one to deliver cigarettes and having to push myself across the street to kroger takes about half an hour.
Tommy says:
They should offer this as a option alot of people like myself can’t get out fo to different disability like myself
Noone worth saving says:
It has very little to do with your safety or a comparison to alcohol. It’s mostly, if not completely, to do with advertising legality and even deeper than that, big tobacco didn’t pay the piper when the piper told it to. That’s why it is so heavily taxed and so overly regulated (advertising invluded). Gov and industry don’t give a fuck about you or anyone else. Hell, your job would drop you faster than you could say “but my kid is really sick sir, please, no”… they don’t give a fuck and we the silent majority take to tech junkie comment section to complain about door dash or whatever the fuck the flavor of the hour is. Always so pissed with what is in sight, because what is In sight is keeping us ill. So it’s time we look up at the man on the hill”
Brandy N Taylor says:
If alcohol is deliverable so should be tobacco products then. Thanks and God bless ya’ll.
Mary Ausdahl says:
Apparently nicotine blocks the coronavirus…I believe a vaccine was developed from it. Don’t believe alcohol has this advantage. There’s a good reason to deliver lol
Margaret Gervasio says:
Maggie gervssio
Dan says:
Alcohol is way more dangerous and they deliver that.
Ever heard a story of someone having too many cigarettes and beating their wife/kids? Me neither. I’m totally blind, there is snow and ice everywhere. All my landmarks are buried, a cane isn’t gonna help me. There are walls of snow from the god damn plows at every street crossing I come across taller than I am. I need someone to deliver my friggin cigarettes. Save me Door Dash, you’re my only hope!
Dan says:
Well it is different than alcohol. Namely alcohol is far more dangerous. Never heard of someone having too many cigarettes and beating their wife etc. I’m blind, there’s snow and ice everywhere. All my landmarks are buried, a cane is useless to me. I need some way to get my smokes delivered. Save me door dash! You’re my only hope!
Mary Ausdahl says:
Apparently nicotine blocks the coronavirus…think a vaccine was developed out of it. That’s a good reason to deliver don’t think alcohol has that advantage lol
J says:
Sweet, naive Mary. Use your brain :\
Karena M. says:
It would be so helpful if they would offer tobacco delivery. We can get almost anything in the world delivered but still not tobacco and product and it’s such an inconvenience especially in a pandemic. I would tip so nicely if I could order cigarettes at 1 am instead of having to walk to a gas station
Karena M. says:
It would be so helpful if they would offer tobacco delivery. We can get almost anything in the world delivered but still not tobacco and product and it’s such an inconvenience especially in a pandemic. I would tip so nicely if I could order cigarettes at 1 am instead of having to walk to a gas station
Stephanie Whitt says:
Yes cigarettes need to be delivered. My husband passed away recently and I am 65 and no longer drive because of an eye disease. I would love to be able to have cigarettes delivered.
Nazie says:
I would love have cigarette deliver. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get out, that’s why I want delivery.
Big Swig says:
You probably don’t get out because you’re Nazie
Diana S. says:
I would appreciate cigarettes being added as option definitely! Yes and please.
Jason Carter says:
It’s absolutely bonkers I can order alcohol through the app, but it’s a problem to get a pack of cigarettes?? Add the feature for sure. This makes no sense…. unhappy..
Kenny Hamby says:
I’m handicap person and can’t walk I need ciggerettes delivery please
K h
Frances says:
do you deliver eat some cigarettes and some lighters because I need cigarettes and lighters
Jane says:
There is no difference between delivering alcohol or cigarettes. Please add cigarette delivery to the platform.
Steven H Newman says:
I believe tobacco products should be deliverable. I’m handicapped it’s hard for me to get my cigarettes. Just like with alcohol all you have to do is ID and that’s easy.
Laura B Jackson says:
Yes tobacco delivery should be added to doordash it is no different than alcohol show and ID and it’s done
Drew Levine says:
I would love it if they added cigarettes to the main menu. I see no difference between that and alcohol at all whatsoever….
Joan nilan says:
I would like to see cigarettes added to available products to be delivered in Minnesota
Derik Cade says:
Adding the option would be great.
Please would you add this, it would be very much appreciated.
Melissa Lavoie says:
I would appreciate cigarettes being delivered. I see absolutely no difference between alcohol being delivered vs. cigarettes being delivered.
Pam says:
I would appreciate it if tobacco products were added to the item selection.
Phil Feinstock says:
I personally would love to see Door Dash Deliver Tabacco products cause of my paranoia with this Covid-19 Pandemic going on these days!
yes, please add tobacco to doordash delivery?
Tina says:
I think they should deliver tobacco products because some people may not be able to get out of leave their house due to a lot of circumstances.
Angie says:
It would be highly appreciated if tobacco products were added to the item selection. I see no difference in delivery of alcohol or tobacco as long as the rules apply.

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