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Can DoorDash See What You Tip Before Delivery?

Can DoorDash See What You Tip Before Delivery?

Tipping isn’t mandatory, but it’s a part of the western culture. It’s a way to show appreciation and that you’re happy with the service, and most people include it in their budget when eating out. A 15-20% tip is standard, depending on where you eat.

Ordering food via apps is becoming more and more popular, but if you’re eating at home, it doesn’t mean your delivery guy doesn’t deserve a tip. The amount of money you leave them may affect your future deliveries – that is, if your Dasher can see how generous you were.

Will a Dasher Know How Much You Tipped?

DoorDash gives you two options when it comes to tipping the driver. One way to do it is to give them cash upon delivery, which is also a safer way. You’re sure that 100% of the tip is going to the driver, and DoorDash won’t know how much you gave them. Also, most drivers appreciate cash tips more than those that go through the app. By tipping in cash, you make sure that no Dasher will ever refuse to deliver your order.

The other way is to place a tip through the app, either at checkout or after the delivery. Not so long ago, DoorDash drivers couldn’t see how big was the tip you left them if you chose to do it through the app. However, Doordash’s tipping policy changed and became more transparent. The Dasher can now see your tip before they accept the order. That is, of course, if you’ve chosen to place a tip at the checkout. A bigger tip will make them more likely to accept to deliver to you.

doordash see tip before delivery

How DoorDash Tips Worked Before

There has been some controversy in the past regarding tipping through the app. You could add your tip at the checkout or after the driver delivers your order. However, drivers claimed DoorDash was “stealing” their tips. How did this happen?

Each driver could earn up to $10 per delivery. DoorDash gave them the base pay of $1 for each delivery. In case the customer didn’t leave any tips, DoorDash would cover the remaining $9 to reach the guaranteed minimum for the driver.

However, when the customer tipped, DoorDash added the tip to the base pay and covered the rest. For example, if a driver got a $4 tip, DoorDash would add this to the $1 base pay and then add the remaining $5. That practically meant customers were helping DoorDash cover for less, and not tipping the drivers.

That’s why some customers didn’t feel comfortable tipping via the app, especially if their Dasher was particularly nice or the delivery was super fast.

can doordash see tip

How to Add a Tip on DoorDash

Say you don’t have any cash or simply prefer to place a tip within the app. You can choose to add the tip before tapping the Place Order button, or after your food has been delivered.

Note that your choice can affect how fast your order will be delivered. If you add a large tip, you won’t need to wait for too long until a Dasher accepts your order, and they’ll probably make sure to deliver it as soon as possible.

The standard tip is 15% of the total amount, but you can modify the amount as you deem appropriate. Don’t feel obligated to add a tip if you weren’t happy with the service.

If you’d like to add a tip after the delivery, you can complete a form on the official DoorDash website.

What Other Fees Do I Pay?

Other than the menu items you want to order, and the driver’s tip, what else is a part of the total cost of your food delivery? You don’t need to worry about hidden fees because DoorDash keeps things pretty transparent. You can see the full price before you finalize the order.

The total amount of money you’re going to pay includes the food you’re ordering, the tip you’re able to modify according to your liking, the tax, and the delivery and service fee. These two fees depend on the restaurant you order from. Note that some restaurants set a minimum order value, so if your order is below that minimum, you might have to pay an additional fee.

The Tip Is a Matter of Culture

Waiters and delivery typically have a low base salary, and many of them rely on tips to earn a decent living. You’re not obligated to add a tip, especially if your experience was poor. However, it’s a nice thing to do and an excellent way to show you’re happy with the service.

Whether you’ll leave a tip or not is entirely up to you, but don’t forget that your Dasher can see if you’ve added one or not. In the future, they may refuse to deliver to you if they know that you don’t tip.

Do you use the DoorDash app? Do you regularly leave tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Can DoorDash See What You Tip Before Delivery?”

A says:
No Tip.No Trip.Have you seen the prices of gas !
Katelyn Mester says:
Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I believe that any person working should have to actually perform the work (& perform it well) before getting paid. If any would not work, neither should he eat. Tipping is a way to reward for level of service. You don’t know what that service will be until it is performed. Personally, I tip in cash (generously) upon receiving an order, and the amount is dependent on the service. I feel that if a driver knows ahead of time what tip they will get, there is no incentive to go the extra mile (pun intended). If a DD driver won’t take on an order that ‘shows a zero tip’, that would be a red flag because this would be an indicator of the entitled mindset to go for the highest paying job without having actually done anything yet. The system is flawed to reward the lazy, greedy entitled ones, while supporting a greedy app company that does not pay their subcontractors a living wage (while collecting a significant ‘service fee’), depending only on customer tips to make up the difference. The app forces a ‘pre-tip’ not based on level of service, just to get the service. Even if the customer is the highest cash tipper all day, the system is rigged against this method of tipping for both the driver and the customer. The only one making out in this scenario is the app :-/ Where is just ONE company that will offer a living wage to his fellow man?! There are 2 Masters in this world: God and money. You cannot serve both; it is either one or the other. The wages of the poor cry out to the Lord and we will all be judged one day. Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, and the times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord (Jesus Christ)!
Dashing J says:
After 3000 deliveries w/Doordash I’ll chime in… Tips average out whether between customers, we focus on when it appears we are getting scammed by the company. It’s in the total $ per multiple deliveries, which make it easier to use my Benzo and not my 2×4 pickup or Prius. We appreciate anyone who tips more than 3.00 and we can see who you are before accepting. We focus on dropping hot orders, not cold. Merchants cause us more problems than customer’s tipping habits. I got a 20. cash tip in an envelope for a 5 mile distance to an area I knew were million dollar homes but I also got a 26. tip on the app for dropping 13 miles distance, unseen until completion of the order. I smile, Snapchat it, and drive on knowing most of my money as a P/T Dasher is made jogging between certain zip codes and restaurants that prep the food quickly or efficiently. So, my 3-4 hustle pays over 25./hr. My friend who dashes at 7-8 hrs/day sees roughly 2x what I earn but his tips have a greater avg. based on his choice zip codes.

My advice to tippers is tip only what your gut tells you is sensible. We have standards as drivers and aim to please not for ratings but as is allowable for our market. We always factor in low tip amounts as going directly into our fuel expenses because most drivers do not own EVs.

Chase says:
I refuse to take anything less than 4$. They could live right next door and still wouldn’t… Its offensive for someone to expect anyone to pick up and deliver your food without leaving a tip…

I also wanna know why the payout is sometimes different from the initial price?

Bradley says:
Why would anyone pay 4 dollars on a 13 dollar order.. that’s more than 30% and there are wait staff at restaurant who work for an hour bringing food, topping off drinks, and smiling… all you have to do is chuck an order in a bag on a doorstep and its like a 5 minute drive to most houses in my city from any restaurant. “I only go out for exact dollar amount” pretentious…
Wanda Taylor says:
I really luv driving n take care of customers orders I just started working for door dash ur absolutely right however it depends on the area too but come on DD treat us right
Daniel Lee Christner says:
For a standard delivery, Doordash will pay us anywhere from $2 to $4 for the base pay, depending on how many miles are being driven total. Any order we see that is not above this amount can mean 2 things – either there was no tip, or Doordash increased the amount after each successive decline (usually 25 cents.) So if I see an order for $3 for 5 miles, the customer most likely did not tip and I would not accept that order. Not to mention the fact that most customers cannot see how far the driver is from the restaurant, because that uses gas too. Drivers are independent contractors and can accept or decline orders as we see fit. So, if you don’t tip, it greatly increases your potential wait for your food. Most drivers will not accept orders for less than $1 a mile.
GNDR says:
Your article is not correct. The driver does not see the tip when the order is offered.
The driver only sees the total amount that will be earned if accepted.
The amount Doordash paid and the amount of the tip are not seen until after the
order is confirmed as delivered.
That is when the driver finds out he and the customer got screwed.
Say the driver accepts an order to drive 8 miles pickup to delivery for $7.
After confirming the delivery the driver sees the breakdown,
Doordash paid $2 and the customer tip was $5.
Say an order is accepted for 15 miles from pickup to delivery for $13.
The breakdown shows Doordash paid $3 and customer tip $10.
Doordash is cheating the driver because they are paying a lousy $3 to drive
15 miles plus the wait time for the order that can sometimes be 15 minutes.
Doordash mostly pays $2 to ($7 rarely) for any order that does not have a tip.
Several times the amount of tips for the day is higher than the amount
earned from Doordash, This should never happen, totally ridiculous.
Kevin says:
This article is incorrect 1. If you give a cash tip and dont tip through the app no Doordash driver will accept your order. Why? Because doordash only pays $2-$3 per order that it! (Crazy I know) if you order comes to a driver for $2 no way is he going to drove 10 mins away, wait 10-20 minutes for y0ur order and then drive all the way to your house and drop it off for two dollars! To many drivers have been burned to take that risk. Tip through the app if your want your food fast
Eli says:
Thanks for clarifying, Kevin. So, if I leave a $9 tip in the app, that means I will get faster service, and add an extra cash tip based on a driver being nice, respectful, etc., right?
Gerald says:
Wrong. Driver only sees total amount that will be earned if order is accepted.
The breakdown is seen only after delivery is confirmed.
Doordash paid $2 Customer tip $9 Earned $11
Doordash pays $2 to ($7 rarely) if there is no tip. Mileage does not matter to them.
Sometimes you have days where you receive more in tips than what Doordash pays.
That should never happen but it does. Doordash is still cheating the drivers.

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