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Where To Download Free Country Music

Where To Download Free Country Music

Millions of people around the world love country music! Whether it’s Tim McGraw or Johnny Cash, old-school country-western or the newest bro-country jams, country music is here to stay. However, for many fans, the biggest problem with country music is hearing the latest music without having to pay an arm and a leg for albums. If you enjoy some country music in your life but are sick of the endless commercials on the radio, or worse yet if you don’t have a good country station where you life, I’m here to help. This article will show you how and where to download free country music – and it’s all completely legal, too!

All of the websites I list below offer access to free country music from across the genre. All are free, legal and above board. Some will only work while you are in the US, so if you travel, consider using a VPN so you don’t miss out on your favorite music.

How and where to download free country music

The how of the downloading process is simple. Most of the sites listed here will have a download link or button next to each track. Click it, choose a location and you’re done!

Here is the where part. These websites are listed in no particular order.

Y’all Wire

Y’all Wire has a wide selection of country music videos. Many are free but some are premium so choose carefully. This is a music enthusiast site so there are usually other resources around like interviews, gossip, biographies, sneak peeks and more. The site can be a little slow at peak times but the range of music on offer is so varied that it is well worth checking out.

Where to download free country music2

Sounds Like Nashville

Sounds Like Nashville is another enthusiast site that offers free country music downloads. That isn’t the site’s primary purpose but there is quite a range of music to choose from, and some of it is recent. SLN is an online magazine covering country music in general, the artists, bands, shows, industry, country style and a lot more besides. While the range of free music isn’t huge, the quality of the site as a whole means it deserves its place on this list.

Where to download free country music3 often features on our top lists for music downloads as it offers the widest range of free tracks. They also include country in that range with quite a number of free downloads for you to try. They have both up-and-coming and established artists in the list and downloads take mere seconds. If you are looking to build your country collection, this is definitely a site to visit.

Where to download free country music5

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is another regular in these free music download lists as it offers a huge range of tracks from every era and genre. Of course country would be one genre it offers. It goes further by breaking it down into Americana, Bluegrass, C&W, Rockabilly and Western Swing too. If there is something niche or that you cannot find elsewhere, chances are you’ll find it here.

Where to download free country music4


Unsurprisingly, Amazon wants a piece of that country pie too. The online giant offers a series of free country music downloads to get you hooked before trying to upsell the paid-for music. The selection is wide and numerous and includes new as well as established artists. There are even some that I hadn’t heard before which is always nice to discover.

Where to download free country music6

Audio Sparx

Audio Sparx has a wide selection of free country music downloads and splits them into categories for easy searching. The selection has a mix of free and premium tracks that are more suitable for background tracks than listening. If you need background music for a production, this is most definitely somewhere you want to try.

Where to download free country music7 is a love it or hate it kind of site. It is very opinionated but has good coverage of the music, the industry, artists and tracks. It also has a free downloads section with a few decent tracks. The range isn’t huge but there are a few on the site that you won’t find anywhere else, so if you cannot find something specific elsewhere, this site is worth a try.

Where to download free country music8

American Songwriter

American Songwriter is our final source of free country music downloads. It often changes the downloads that are available, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the site. While not the widest selection of downloads in the world, the quality makes it worthwhile visiting. Plus, this is a website for songwriters so there is always something going on, discussions happening or gossip to listen to.

Those are really the only websites that let you download free country music. Most other country-oriented sites are all about the streaming so your pool is shallow when it comes to downloads. Do you know of other websites offering legal downloads? Tell us about them below if you do!

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