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Home Web Is Ecosia Legit? Will They Really Plant Trees?

Is Ecosia Legit? Will They Really Plant Trees?

Is Ecosia Legit? Will They Really Plant Trees?

Plant trees while you browse the web! Wouldn’t that be awesome? You don’t have to make any effort besides downloading the search engine, and you’re helping Mother Nature. You’d search the web anyway, so why not help our planet while you’re at it?

On the other hand, if you’ve squinted your eyes in disbelief while reading that, you’re not the first one to do so. The whole idea sounds a little too good to be true. Let’s dive a bit deeper into Ecosia and see how legit they are.

The Essence of Ecosia

So, what is Ecosia? To put it very simply, it’s a free search engine that generates ad revenue. This ad revenue, however, is used for planting trees – a hefty sum goes to organizations that plant trees. You don’t even have to install anything. Bookmark the Ecosia homepage and search the web like you always do.

So, what does the company promise? Well, first of all, they promise that they assign a minimum of 80% of their ad revenue profits for tree planting purposes. They also claim full transparency by actually publishing financial support proof. Search-wise, they guarantee excellent results. Searches on Ecosia are based on Bing technology. Plus, Ecosia enhances this technology with unique algorithms.

They also promise that they will always be completely CO2-neutral. It means that Ecosia doesn’t have any carbon emissions related to your searches.

is ecosia legit

So, Are They Legit? is a certified B Corporation. What this means is that Ecosia is a for-profit company. However, the “B” stands for the fact that Ecosia got its certificate from B Lab, which is a nonprofit organization. This certification means “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”

That all means that Ecosia is a legitimate green search engine. It works, and more people should come aboard this remarkable movement.

Does Ecosia plant trees? No, the Ecosia employees don’t plant trees. What they do is send a massive part of their ad revenue to organizations that do. It worked well so far.

Why Use Ecosia

According to Ecosia, the company helps plant a tree every 30 seconds. It is quite a number, as it amounts to almost 3,000 trees per day.

The website features a counter in the top-right corner to incentivize its users to do more searches (and thereby plant more trees). Somewhere around 45 searches will plant a single tree. Seeing that you’ve helped plant a tree is a very cool feeling. The best part is that you don’t have to donate any money and don’t have to do anything but bookmark the website and search.

will they really plant trees

So, Ecosia does help plant trees. Many trees around the globe burned in the flames of bushfires and forest fires over the recent years. The last Australian bushfire has raged for months.

Trees not only produce oxygen but also absorb carbon dioxide. They are a vital tool in fighting climate change. Trees also prevent soil erosion and absorb air pollutants. Forest also help the ecosystem and regulate water cycles. Trees are the lifeline of our little blue planet.

So, by planting a few trees every few days, you’re contributing to the global awareness in this department. The best of it all is that you don’t have to do much to help.

Ecosia Rocks!

Set aside a few minutes from your day to bookmark Ecosia and make it your default search engine. That is all you need to do to help our planet. Ecosia is a quality search engine in its own right. It is powered by Bing and its native, unique algorithms. Instead of searching the web with Google, do your searches with Ecosia and help plant a few trees while you’re at it.

Will you give Ecosia a shot? Do you like the idea? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and feel free to join in on the discussion.

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15 thoughts on “Is Ecosia Legit? Will They Really Plant Trees?”

sarah bell says:
i already use ecosia and i have told all my friends to aswell i just wanted to know if ecosia actually planted a tree and i guess i learned something new also were will ecosia plant the trees do they plant them all over th world or just in one country ?
Will says:
It seems like that they plant trees all over the world, probably slowly but surely !
sarah says:
i already use ecosia and i have told all my friends to aswell i just wanted to know if ecosia actually planted a tree and i guess i learned something new also were will ecosia plant the trees do they plant them all over th world or just in one country ?
Elle says:
I used ecosia because I wanted to heal the mother earth. Can you please add our names when you’re planting the trees?
David John Lozano says:
Im using Ecosia now knowing that they are helping our planet buy giving there revenues to those organizations who plant trees and think about it 3,000 tress every day that is super amazing I be deleting my chrome now or google and use ecosia thank you for making this app atleast we can help a little in saving our planet
cris says:
for that you should search the Treedom website. they do that
Juan says:
Ironic that a search browser that purports to save the planet,
1) piggybacks of BING, and
2) get’s it’s money when you consume resources.
So no, I’ll support environmental efforts directly and avoid virtue signalling proxies thank you.
suvusuvua says:
you can search and have 80% of the money to go tree charities or search and not… are you going to stop using search engines..? supporting environmental efforts directly does not also mean you can’t also search with Ecosia… I don’t understand what you are saying maybe…
Someone says:
I don’t understand you either… even if it is supported by BING and everything, there is no use not to use Ecosia, it isn’t stealing any information and you will eventually use other search engines like Google anyway.
Ioannis says:
there are around 141 million trees planted by ecosia users currently.
Ari says:
where are the trees being planted? i actually get it if you don’t say because people might burn them down again..
Bug says:
They have a section on their website listing the general regions they work with to plant trees but as they don’t plant them directly (instead donating to and working with local farmers and nurseries) they can’t tell you where your individual contributions went to or like track individual trees.
Max says:
I use Ecosia. It’s not bad, and I love the carbon neutral pledge.
Shug says:
This is a poorly written “article,” which tries to pass as journalism. The “reporter” (yes in quotes) does not bother to get any third party quotes about Ecosia and whether what they claim is true. Not only that, the “reporter” basically tells readers to “set aside a few minutes from your day to bookmark Ecosia and make it your default search engine.” So this “article” sounds like an ad for Ecosia. Such is the state of “news” on the Internet. For God’s sake, people, support your local newspapers and help fund real journalism!
Jeen says:
Fuck off. Any initiative for environmental regeneration is important and should be more popular. Your ignorant comment is useless and you should notice the positives of this article instead of the negatives and move on with your day instead of shitting on this reporter who is invested in supporting positive nonprofits such as ecosia.
Mwnci says:
Nowhere does Techjunkie claim to be a news website. This piece does not pretend to be a news article. The author, at least here, doesn’t claim to be a news reporter.

Exactly which local newspaper would you suggest readers go to in order to find the information given in this piece?

Perhaps references and links could have been included to make this a more convincing piece – but nothing that is said can’t be confirmed with a quick online search.

Your comment is absolute nonsense, Shug. You clearly have a point to make, and it sounds like it could be a valid one. But you have entirely misdirected your efforts and your anger in this case.

allen Li says:
I am a daily ecosia user, they have also posted a ton of proof on their social media so I am very well happy that they are, I have planted 642 trees already, about 20 a day, I am very happy that they are doing this because the world is creating more carbon then the world’s trees can absorb, so if they keep this up at such speeds, soon, the trees can absorb more than the Co2 is produced.
issy says:
I have been using it and knowing that I am helping to replant forests is a good feeling :)
John says:
where are your Trees
John says:
where are your Trees?
Ellie says:
They are in many countries, you can look it up online. Like literally just search does ecosia really plant trees, they have a list of countries and what they are planting in those countries. It is easy to find their verification info, if you use basic problem-solving skills. It’s fine if you do not want to use it, but it is a bit funny to try to pick at something a simple Google search would answer for you.
agtrier says:
“Is Ecosia legit” should actually be a check if firstly, the trees they claim to plant are actually planted; second, the trees, if planted are not just replace trees that have been just cut down and would have been re-planted anyway, and third, if the trees are actually protected in the long term, so they are not just cut down again in 30 years, to be replaced again.

That, and how Ecosia is dealing with data protection, which is a subject they are rather quiet on.

luka says:
@agtrier got to say I agree I’m not very convinced that they actually plant/protect as much /many trees as they claim.
a says:
i feel like, people deserve to know this app, and use this to help save our planet, if more people use this app, this world will be save in no time!
R says:
Though this article does a good job of motivating people to use Ecosia, there is a thing which is overlooked.It is mentioned that it is ‘a quality search engine’, which may be true, but anyone who has ever used Ecosia will tell you that there are quite a bit of ads. I know these ads help them to gain profits which ultimately help in planting trees, but I think this should have been mentioned.
I’m not saying Google or any other search engines do not have ads and neither am I saying Ecosia is a bad.I myself use it and I have made around 250+ searches with it in around a week or so.
yeet says:
It’s pretty good using ecosia with brave

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