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How To Hard Factory Reset LG G7

How To Hard Factory Reset LG G7

We have stated countless of times the best way to solving all of the possible issues on your LG G7 is by performing a factory reset on it. Not only it’ll give your LG G7 a brand new start on its system, you’ll also feel it became a lot faster, just like the time you have unboxed it. In this article, we will be showing you how to perform the method and regain the default factory settings of your LG G7.

An essential thing to remember is that before factory resetting on your LG G7, we recommend that you create a backup for all the documents, files, images, etc. to prevent anything important from being permanently deleted. A great method in backing up the filed on your LG G7 is by heading to Settings > Backup & reset.

Hard Resetting on your LG G7

The first step is by going to your LG G7’s notification section then pressing the gear-shaped symbol to bring up the Settings application. Once there, press the Backup & reset option listed under the User option. Afterwards, select Factory data to reboot your phone. Double check whether everything important has already been backed up. Once done, press the Reset device button located at the lowermost part of the screen. Lastly, press the Delete all button then patiently wait for it to complete. Now your phone has been rebooted to its factory settings!

Factory Reset your LG G7 using Hardware Keys

If by chance that your LG G7’s touchscreen is unresponsive, or there’s an issue with accessing your menu, or you just simply have forgotten your LG G7’s pattern lock, you can still reset your LG G7 using your hardware keys.

  1. Shut down your smartphone
  2. Long press the Home button, Power button and the Volume up button simultaneously until the Android icon appears
  3. Afterwards, choose the Wipe Data/ Factory reset option. Use the Volume down keys then tap the Power button to select it
  4. Then Volume down to select Yes – delete all user data. Tap the Power button to select it
  5. Press the power button on Reboot

Now your phone will be factory fresh!

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Feb 8, 2018

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