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How to Setup IPTV on Your Amazon Fire Stick

How to Setup IPTV on Your Amazon Fire Stick

In addition to streaming, browsing, and a variety of other things that you can do on your Amazon Fire Stick, you can use it to watch live TV. However, in order to be able to do this, you’re going to need IPTV. Setting up IPTV on your Fire Stick isn’t as straightforward as changing the TV channels, although it isn’t that complex, either. Most likely, you’ll be able to do this by yourself, with a little help from this tutorial. Here’s how to setup IPTV on your Amazon Fire Stick.

What Is Smart IPTV?

Essentially, IPTV is an internet protocol that will allow you to stream live TV channels using internet protocol networks. It’s very similar to regular streaming, if the video content in question is streamed via the internet. Smart IPTV is definitely one of the most popular and, more importantly, trusted streaming apps for IPTV. You can expect a ton of useful content at prices that are more than reasonable.

Furthermore, Smart IPTV offers exclusive high-quality videos and hassle-free content streaming, which is exactly what most users require.

how to setup iptv

Installing IPTV on Your Fire Stick

Given the fact that Fire Stick devices run on Android OS, all of them support Smart IPTV. However, things are a bit more complicated than they used to be. Some time ago, installing Smart IPTV was as simple as accessing the App Store, finding the Smart IPTV app, and downloading and installing it. However, Amazon has since removed this app from its store, so don’t expect a direct install.

Third-Party Apps

First and foremost, you need to tweak the Developer Options on your Fire Stick. To do this, go to Settings on your device and select Device from the next screen. Now, navigate to Developer Options and turn on the Apps from Unknown Sources option. By turning this on, you’ve enabled third-party software installation on your Fire Stick device.

Installation V1

For the download process, it’s recommended that you use the Downloader app. This app allows you to get any app in its apk version, which is a Fire Stick-compatible extension. To begin, navigate to the Fire Stick home screen and click the search icon (magnifying glass). Type in “Downloader” and open the app. You can also access it from the Apps menu on your Fire Stick.

Now, go to the Downloader’s home screen and type this URL into the field: Now, click Go and give the Downloader app some time to properly connect to the Smart IPTV server. Once connected, it will automatically download the apk file and, as soon as the download is done, you’ll be prompted to install the app. Click Install to commence the process. Once the process is done, click Open and you can start using the freshly installed Smart IPTV app on your Fire Stick.

Installation V2

Another way to install the Smart IPTV app is to use the ES File Explorer that should already be installed on your device. You’ll need to allow third-party apps here, too. Once you’re done, go to the home screen, click on the search bar, and type in “ES File Explorer”. Again, you can find this app in the Apps menu, too.

setup iptv

Once you’ve opened the app, go to the menu bar and click Tools in the sidebar that appears. From the next menu, find Download Manager, click it, click +New and enter the above-mentioned URL into the Path field. In the Name field, you can type “Smart IPTV”, or whatever you want the app icon to be called. Then click Download Now and wait for the Smart IPTV app to download.

Once it has been downloaded, click Install. The installation process may take some time, so be patient and let it work until it’s done. Now, click Open File and wait until the ES File Explorer connects to the IPTV server. Next, open the Smart IPTV app by clicking Open once your Fire Stick notifies you that the app has been successfully installed on your device.


The Smart IPTV app lets you stream geo-restricted and copyrighted content. This is very useful, especially if there are a lot of online restrictions in your general area. However, you need to be careful, because your internet service provider, as well as the government, can easily track you. Things can get very complicated here, so you are always best off using a solid VPN provider to ensure safe and anonymous streaming.

Some of the best VPN providers for streaming services such as Smart IPTV are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, CyberGhost, to name but a few. You should never refrain from investing in your online safety, especially when it comes to streaming.

Fire Stick and IPTV

IPTV has become an almost unavoidable part of any Fire Stick device, especially if you enjoy live TV. Installing Smart IPTV may not be as simple and straightforward as it used to be, back when the app was on the official Amazon App Store list, but it isn’t too grueling a process, either. Just follow the outlined instructions and you shouldn’t experience any problems.

Do you use Smart IPTV? What’s your favorite thing about this service? What installation method did you opt for? Let everybody know in the comments section below.

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