How To Fix Bluetooth Problems On LG G7

Some owners of the LG G7 have been complaining of having Bluetooth issue whenever they try to pair with another device with Bluetooth. It can sometimes be frustrating when your Bluetooth enabled headphone and is reporting an error. There are times when you will like to use your LG G7 to listen to music or watch a video by connecting it to your headphone through Bluetooth, but it won’t be possible.
There are some users of the LG G7 that have complained that they are always finding it difficult and sometimes impossible to connect their LG G7 to the Bluetooth device of their car. This has happened to users using almost any car model which means that the issue is not with the car.  This can be frustrating, and it makes the LG G7 less enjoyable. So far, the LG company about this issue so we don’t know yet whether the issue is being caused by the hardware aspect of your LG G7 or the software. But there is no need to panic because there are troubleshooting that has been proven to fix the Bluetooth pairing issue some users are facing on their LG G7.            

How To Fix LG G7 Bluetooth Problems

The first method to solve this annoying issue is to clear the Bluetooth data using this clear the cache guide. There are users that will like to know the purpose of the cache on their LG G7. The cache’s job is to save temporary data that can later be used to easily switch between two apps. So if you are experiencing Bluetooth issues on your LG G7, the first thing you should do is to clear the cache of your Bluetooth data and try to pair with any device at close range and see if that solves the issue. I will explain some other methods below to fix the Bluetooth issue on your LG G7.

How to Fix LG G7 Bluetooth issues

  1. Power on your LG G7
  2. Tap on the app icon on your home screen
  3. Click on the settings icon
  4. Search for the app manager
  5. Swipe to left or right to Display All Tabs
  6. Tap Bluetooth
  7. Choose to stop it forcefully
  8. Clear the cache
  9. Click clear the Bluetooth data
  10. Choose Ok
  11. Restart your device

How to Fix LG G7 Bluetooth issues

If the Bluetooth pairing issue continues on your LG G7 after trying all the methods above, I will recommend that you try putting your LG G7 into recovery mode and perform the wipe cache partition. Once done, pair your LG G7 with another device that is close to you and see if it connects.

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