How To Remove Voicemail Notification On LG G7

Everybody wants to be notified whenever there is a new message on their LG G7. It’s an important feature especially when the notification is about something that urgently needs your attention. But sometimes, after reading the notification and doing the needful, the notification won’t go away, and that’s when it becomes a problem. If you’ve been using LG smartphones before, you will probably be familiar with this issue. Now, on the new LG G7, there is a similar problem with the voicemail notification feature that is always finding it difficult to disappear after doing its job. In this article, I will let you know how you can remove voicemail notification on your LG G7.

If you are using an LG G7, there are times when you won’t have any new voicemail message, but the indication will still be on your screen that you have a new message. This can be annoying at times. I will explain below how you can get rid of this indicator on your LG G7 screen.

Some users don’t see it as something serious, and that’s fine. But if you are not careful, it can be a big distraction especially when you are eagerly waiting for a voicemail from someone that is important. You won’t really know when the message comes in, so you have to keep checking, and that can be frustrating.

The indicator is supposed to appear when you have a new voicemail and disappear automatically when you click on the message. But when it does not disappear at all, then it’s basically useless and does not deserve a place on your screen. There are two effective ways to get rid of this annoying indicator on your LG G7, and I will explain them below.   

Solution #1 – Ensure it Gets a New Voicemail

The first method is to send yourself a voicemail, or you can tell a friend or colleague to help you so. The purpose of doing this is that it is possible that the indicator will disappear after you’ve read the message, and do not forget to delete the message if this works for you. If the stubborn notification is still there, proceed to the alternative.

Solution #2 – Clear Data

You will need to go to your settings to use the second method, follow the guide below.

  1. Click on Settings from your home screen
  2. Click on Apps
  3. Tap Select Phone (All tab)
  4. Choose Clear Data
  5. Switch off your LG G7
  6. Wait for some few seconds and then switch it on

That should help you to remove the voicemail notification on your LG G7.

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