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Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Slow Wi Fi Issues

Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Slow Wi Fi Issues

Have you recently purchased a Galaxy Note 8 and found that you’ve had a number of slow Wi-Fi problems? Unfortunately, this is a problem that a number of Galaxy Note 8 owners have complained about. In this guide we try to take a look at why these WiFi problems are occurring and offer some tips for getting it fixed. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this, you’ll no longer need to worry about your slow WiFi because it should be resolved. 

When you have a slow WiFi connection, it can slow down the operation of all apps and games. It can make it difficult for apps like Facebook or Whatsapp to load the content that you’re being sent. It can also slow down AI assistants like Google Now from being efficient at answering your spoken questions. If you’re having slow WiFi problems, we’d highly recommend checking out the potential fixes we have listed below.


How to Galaxy Note 8 slow WiFi problems:

  • Give the Galaxy Note 8 a factory reset
  • Forget your Wifi Network and re-enter the WiFi details
  • Resetting your internet router
  • On your phone, switch from DHCP to Static Connection when connecting to your network
  • Switch your DNS to to Google’s Addresses on the Note 8
  • Make changes to your router’s bandwidth settings
  • Move your Router’s Broadcast Channel to a less congested one
  • Changing the Router Security Settings
  • Upgrading to a higher speed package by contacting your ISP


Hopefully one of these fixes above can be used to fix the WiFi problems you are currently having on your Galaxy Note 8. If you’re still having difficulty with your WiFi, we would suggest wiping the cache partition. This has been known to fix the WiFi problems on other devices in the past.

Learn about how you can reset the cache partition by reading the information we have provided below. Or, alternatively click here to learn how to clear Galaxy Note 8 phone cache.


How to fix slow wifi on Note 8:

  1. Make sure the Note 8 is switched OFF
  2. Once off, hold down the power, volume up and the home button all together
  3. The Galaxy Note 8 will vibrate and boot into recovery mode
  4. Navigate to the “wipe cache partition” and select it
  5. The process will run. Eventually, you’ll be able to select “reboot system now” to reboot into normal boot mode.



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