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How To Get Emojis On LG G7

How To Get Emojis On LG G7

As the saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words”. A message is highly effective especially when you accompany an image with it. Enter Android’s Emoji feature, which is a great way to expand the content of your conversation with someone. With it, you’ll be able to express more the emotions of what you’re typing in an SMS, chat or email. However, a lot of Android users have been complaining that the Emoji feature on their phone is malfunctioning. This is a common issue faced by all of the Android users around the world. And if you’re an LG G7 user, you’re not an exception.

A lot of complaints were received from LG G7 users around the world stating that their Emojis are clearly not appearing when being sent on their end, or vice-versa. The idea as to why this occurs is that there is a software installed on your LG G7 that caters a unique emoji which isn’t installed to the recipients of your emojis, hence shall not appear to them. Every smartphone requires a particular software in order to identify and be able to read unique emojis. The first way to having an access to this unique emojis by utilizing the default messaging app and the default keyboard on your phone, then pressing on the messaging “Menu” then hitting on the “Insert Smiley” button.

Check Your Operating System

Another thing you can go for is by verifying if you have already updated the operating system of your LG G7. Most of the time, it fixes the issue within the emojis not appearing issue on your LG G7. To update your LG G7’s software, head to your Android Settings App > More > Hit on the System Update option > Update LG software, and you’re done. It’ll then display a notice if your LG G7 is already updated or if there’s an available update for it. After this, ask your friend to send the emoji again.

Install a Third-Party Application

One more culprit that hinders your beloved to appear on your LG G7 is when the sender of that emoji isn’t using the default messaging app catered by the Android platform. For example someone sent you an emoji using an exclusive Samsung S7 messaging app. You’re using an LG G7. Of course, the messaging apps you’re using don’t match. The only thing you can do about this situation is to ask your friend to send you a different emoji. That should solve the problem.

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Desmond Andrada

Feb 9, 2018

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