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Google Pixel 2: Add Widget To Lock Screen

Google Pixel 2: Add Widget To Lock Screen

For those that have a Google Pixel 2, you may want to know how to add widget to lock screen. Many people add widgets and icons to the lockscreen to make the Pixel 2 more usable. You can also change the lock screen wallpaper of the Pixel 2 as well. Below we’ll explain how to add widget to lock screen on Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2: How To Change Lock Screen

All you need to do is to add widget to lock screen is press and hold an empty space on the Home screen. This will bring up the edit mode where you can add widgets, change home screen settings, and also change the wallpaper. Select on “Wallpaper”, then select “Lock screen.”

By default the Google Pixel 2 has several different wallpaper options for the lockscreen, but you can always select “more images” and select from any image that you have taken on your Pixel 2. Once you’ve found the image you want, hit the Set Wallpaper button.

Within your settings, look for the Lock Screen option. From here you can customize the display of your lock screen.

  • Dual Clock – Display cocks for your current timezone and one other
  • Clock Size – Adjust the size of the displayed clock
  • Date – display today’s date
  • Camera Shortcut – a quick way to get to your camera
  • Owner Information – Put some personal information here to identify your phone and possibly help in getting it returned if lost
  • Unlock Effect – Choose the animation used when unlocking your device
  • Additional Info – Include some other miscellaneous info like weather

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