How To Hide Apps on the iPhone

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have some sensitive data on your iPhone and you wish you could hide it from people so that no one can see it? (Perhaps a provocative video of yourself doing a silly dance, or one of your pets doing a silly thing with their paws where it sort of looks like they’re Sieg Heil-ing?)

Yup, well, everyone’s been there, and it turns out- if you try to protect the data on your iPhone by means of hiding it, things can get a bit tricky. Namely, as advanced as iPhones are these days, when it comes to data privacy, you only have two real options:

  1. Delete the app or the folder you’re trying to hide altogether, or
  2. Organize some sort of parenting restriction thing complete with passwords and everything.

Now, while only one of the aforementioned solutions make sense (It’s the second one, for the record. Deleting an entire app sort of beats the purpose.), there are also other, non-official ways to hide your sensitive data.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of stuffing your information so deep beneath the interface of your iPhone that it would take two Sherlock Holmes’s, a Poirot, and ein Kriminaloberinspektor Derrick to figure out where on Earth you’ve hidden your precious apps!

Without further ado, here’s the deal!

How to Hide Apps on Your iPhone – A Mini Tutorial

As we said above, hiding the apps you have on your iPhone per se isn’t really possible (or at least it’s quite difficult), so the master plan we’ve devised is a cunning and cheeky one AND it includes moving the app around a lot and confusing any nosy people who fancy puttering about it! Here are the steps to this diabolically-clever scheme:

1) Find the App You Want to Hide

First things first, in order to start this process, you need to find the app you’re trying to hide. If you use it a lot, you probably know exactly where it is.

2) Mark the App

In order to be able to move it about and otherwise do stuff with it, mark the app in question by pressing and holding its icon. You’ll see that it’s been selected because it will grow slightly larger than the other apps surrounding it.

3) Move the App to a New Screen

If there’s one thing that iPhones do well, it’s organizing the space on the screen. With some of the later versions, you can have up to 15 successive screens onto which you can slap as many apps as you wish.

Now, to proceed with the hiding app business, so to speak, move the selected app to a new screen so that it stands all alone with no other apps surrounding it. This may mean you’ll have to go through quite a few screens (depending on how many apps you’ve got installed on your iPhone), but eventually you’ll get there.

After you’ve moved it where you want it to be, make sure to press the ‘Home’ button to lock it in place. (Note that other apps will also lock in place after this.)

4) Surround the App with Other Random Apps

Now that your app is all on its own on that new screen you’ve just created, make sure to fill it up with as many other apps as possible. (Meaning the screen, not the app in question.)

The idea here is to bury the app you want to hide beneath a mountain of other apps so that it becomes less visible. It’s a simple enough premise, but it may work wonders if you amass enough decoy apps around the main one!

Just consider, within the 15 screens you get with some of the newer iPhone iOS’s (The ones with iOS 6 or older will have only 11 screens. Still plenty!), you can stack up to the maximum of 363 different apps, provided you set your screen settings to small icons!

5) Stick all of It in a Folder – For Further Confusion!

If you wish to make your secretive app even more difficult to find, you can stick it in a folder. To do this, mark the app you wish to hide by pressing and holding onto it and then drag it on top of another app of your choice. Once you release, the two apps will create a new folder into which you can drag in even more apps!

All things considered, hiding an app in this way may not be the most elegant solution, but it just may do the trick. We hope you found this article helpful and wish you plenty of luck NOT getting busted for using a cheeky app!

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