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How To Check For New Firmware and Software Updates on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How To Check For New Firmware and Software Updates on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 regularly receives updates from time to time, or at least once a month. These security updates usually upgrade the device to keep them updated with the latest security fixes.

The updates can also be on a significant scale. An example is a jump in the version number of the device. These updates usually run automatically whenever your Galaxy Note receives them. You can also search for these updates manually which means your phone will stay often updated and keep it malware free.

Keeping your Galaxy Note 9 regularly updated is the best way to improve your smartphone, get rid of potential glitches and bugs, and improve battery life. Samsung periodically provides firmware updates for all Galaxy smartphones that are with utilizing.
Below is a simple guide for learning how to access these updates whenever your smartphone receives them.

Manually check for Firmware updates on the Galaxy Note 9

1. Turn on your Galaxy Note 9
2. Launch the app menu from the home screen and click on the Settings app
3. Scroll down the Settings options until you locate the Software Update, and click on it to access the submenu where you will find the ‘’Download Updates Manually’’ option
4. Click on the Download Updates Manually option
5. After performing the above step, if there is a new update available, click on ‘’Update Now.’’

The updated version will automatically start downloading, and you can install it afterward to keep your phone updated with the latest software from Samsung.
If there is no update yet, then you need not worry. Samsung operates by notifying you of any pending updates whenever it is available. You should receive a pop-up notification on your notifications tab that will prompt you to update the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The best way to be sure is to follow the steps above to check for these updates manually as automatic updates tend to appear on your device late.

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Aug 16, 2018

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