How To Customize Google Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Everyone is in love with Google. At first glance, to be honest, it is hard to remember a world without Google services. Nowadays, when anyone asks a question, you often hear a reply along the lines of ‘’Just Google it.’’

Thankfully, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you have access to all the answers on Google.
Over the past ten years, Google services have been a big part of our daily activities. It acts a modern day compass to help as we shuttle about our city and into unknown locations for meetings, appointments, and the likes. This is why it is important to configure Google settings for easy navigation.

More so, you can customize the Google settings on your Galaxy smartphone to accommodate your preferences. Not everyone is a fan of the default settings especially if you have used a Galaxy smartphone device before, and chances are that you want your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 layout to resemble that of your previous phone.

Based on the type of wireless service provider or software vendor that you patronize, you can choose from a variety of settings and available screens associated with Google services.

Do you have an appointment to keep on the other side of town? With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you are covered. You can easily set up your location settings to get the required location descriptions at all times.

Simply turn on your smartphone, navigate to Settings, and then click on the Google button. The following page should load the available settings.

Note: Contact Google Support if you have any questions or want to learn more about Google settings.

• Location: Set up your Galaxy Note 9 Google location settings
• Security: Customize apps security setting and Android Device Manager
• Ads: Customize a personal Google advertising profile
• Nearby: Receive links to websites and apps from nearby objects and places
• Set Up Nearby Device: Use either Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi connection to configure another device
• Search: Customize and set up settings for Google Assistant and Google Search

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