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How To Debug USB On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How To Debug USB On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

A common misconception about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is that it is difficult to debug the USB on this smartphone. This is not true. Using the Galaxy Note 9 in Standard Mode is a lot more harmful than using it the Developer Mode, however.
One of the most important reasons for debugging USB is because of connections with a PC. Many times, some USB ports might not recognize your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 especially if you are not using the cable that accompanied your smartphone purchase.
The reason is that the Developer mode allows users to enjoy basic custom features to enhance the user experience of the Galaxy Note 9. If are interested in learning about the developer mode on the Galaxy Note 9, then check how to enable developer mode on Galaxy S8.
You can enable debug USB on your Galaxy Note 9 using the steps highlighted below

Debug Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9

  1. Switch on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  2. Launch the App menu
  3. Click on the Settings app
  4. Scroll down and tap the More option
  5. Click on About
  6. Tap the Build Number repeatedly until it boots into Developer Mode
  7. Head back to System Options > Developer Options or select it by pressing the back button from the last step
  8. Confirm that the USB debugging box is visible after clicking on the Developer option
  9. After completing the steps above, the USB debug operation has been performed successfully on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The easiest way to debug USB on the Galaxy Note 9 is through the steps listed above. By enabling this feature, any issues that you previously had while connecting your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a USB port will be resolved.
If the issues persist, try to connect with the PC by using an original Samsung Galaxy Note 9 USB cable. It is recommended that every connection to PC through the accompanying cable from the factory to ensure a fast and reliable connection.

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