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How To Disable Google Play Services On Galaxy S9

If you are and android user, you will agree that the Google Play Store app is one of the most important apps on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. There are a lot of services that the Play Store provides to android users without which it would be very hard to use your smartphone. In all the years that we have reviewed smartphone problems, there is one that many users are unaware of.
Despite the fact that Google Play Store Plays a vital role in the functionality of your smartphone, it also comes with a lot of services which are always running in the background. If left unchecked, these apps could consume a lot of your data bundles and besides that, they can generally drag down the overall performance speed of your smartphone.
In our article today, we thought it would be a good idea to show our readers how they could speed up processes running on their smartphone by shutting off those apps which tend to drag down their device such as the Google Play Store. The services we are going to teach you how to shut off are those that your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone can do perfectly well without.

The Performances Of Your Galaxy S9

Before we go deeper into the details of how to disable some services, we should perhaps have a look at the performance related aspects of your Samsung Galaxy S9.
The Galaxy S9 smartphone was designed to use an Android operating system whose capabilities will influence the capabilities of your smartphone. For the optimal performance of your smartphone, the operating system should be able to utilize all the resources in the shortest time possible. This can only be achieved if your device Central Processing Unit (CPU) is not unnecessarily wasted apps that do have much significance on your device and its operations. When the resources of the CPU are fully utilized by the operating system, your device will perform processes much faster and it won’t freeze nor display any lagging. The battery will also tend to last much longer than usual.
What the above paragraph implies in simple terms is that, you should always maintain the least number of apps and processes so as to avoid overstraining the CPU and RAM resources. This will achieve desirable results of quicker processing operations. For this reasons, it would suffice to disable the Google Play Services so as to get the best performance on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

How Can You Tell Which Services Are Necessary And Which Aren’t?

Being able to differentiate between the essential and non-essential apps on your Galaxy S9 will highly rely on how extensively you use your Galaxy S9 smartphone. If you don’t make use of certain services such as the ad services, report services or wearable services, it would help to disable them completely. Some additional services which most smartphone users do not actually use and which can be deleted without negatively affecting the performance of your device include the Auto Start, Wake up and Keep Awake and Wake up Calls of Google Now.
If you are planning on receiving traffic updates, you should be careful not to disable the Okay Google service on your Galaxy S9 smartphone. For those who are game fanatics and love playing a lot of Google games, you should also leave the Game Sync enabled.
If you have been using these services for quite some time now, you should be able to determine on your own which of these services you can do without. It will take some time and practice especially or new Android users to be able to master this.

Disable The Google Play Services On Galaxy S9 With The 3c Tollbox App

  1. Ensure your smartphone is turned on then launch the Google Play Store
  2. In the Google Play Store, search for the 3C Tollbox app
  3. Download and install the 3C Tollbox app on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone
  4. When the app finishes installing, launch it
  5. Go to the task manager menu inside the app
  6. Locate the Google Play services
  7. To access the submenu of a particular service, tap on it
  8. Now switch to the Services tab
  9. From here, you should be able to see an extended list of all Google Play Services that are running on your Galaxy S9. All these services will have a checkbox adjacent to it
  10. Browse through the services then check all those services and apps that you can do without

Use the steps above to disable all those Google Play services that are dragging down the performance of your Galaxy S9 by taking up crucial resources. If you are unsure of which apps to delete or do not know which ones you can do without, the 3C Tollbox app has a help button which will be of great service to you. Make sure you make use of it and read all the information contained therein.
You may have to think carefully before checking off services randomly. Be certain of all services you would like to get rid of. Ensure that no services you disable will affect the functioning of your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.