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How To Find A Lost Or Stolen LG V30

How To Find A Lost Or Stolen LG V30

Losing your phone can be a huge pain in the butt, especially if it is a top of the line smartphone. All that money down the drain. Fortunately, the smart people over at LG and Google have figured out  a couple of different ways to recover Android phones like your LG V30.

These include using a tracker app, your phone’s Android Device Manager, and many more analogous software. Just like Apple’s Find My iPhone, Google has its proprietary recovery system aptly called the Android Device Manager or Find My Android. Owners won’t have to fret when losing their phones. Using the following methods, you can locate a lost device – anywhere from the nooks and crannies of your own home to the other side of the city.

Speaking of the Android Device Manager, this nifty little features enables owners to find their LG V30 and then remotely destroy all data stored inside the phone. In addition to that, Google has just added a functionality that makes the LG V30 ring if you forget where you placed it before. The guides below will provide some methods which will teach you how to find a lost or stolen LG V30.

Quick Tips to Find Lost LG V30

The solutions mentioned below will give you some quick and easy steps so that you can locate your lost LG V30. So turn that frown upside down as we help you go through the steps in getting your precious phone back..

  • First things first, get all the necessary apps and tools installed on your LG V30, which will aid you in locating your device or help you secure it from a remote location like LINKAndroid Device ManagerLINK and LINKLookoutLINK. Now that you reunited with your phone, take better care of it so things like this don’t happen a second time.
  • In addition, you can use apps like LINKAirDroidLINK to remotely access important data that you need to recover. Or you can try using advanced tools like remote camera access and SMS text messaging.

Loud Ring Mode To Find LG V30

For this method to work, you should begin by adjusting the volume on your LG V30 as loud as possible as it will come in handy if your phone is in hearing distance. Also, you have options for remotely locking and remotely deleting the contents of the phone just  in case you are storing confidential files on your phone.

You can do this by simply going to the app store and just LINKdownload the Android Device Manager app from the Google Play StoreLINK. This will enable you to have remote access from another Android device to perform all the things mentioned above.

Using Android Device Manager To Find LG V30

Registering your device via the Android Device Manager is probably the best option when it comes to locating your lost or stolen LG V30. Google has made this option available since 2013, and it has been the integrated on every Android device since its inception. As it normally comes standard with Android devices, it is enabled by default on your LG V30. If you want to be a pickle about it, you can make sure that it is enabled once you get your device.

Setting up your Android Device Manager on the LG V30 is effortless. You just need to go to Settings, and then to Security and Screen Lock, then to Device Administrators. The placement and name of the menus might vary  from every phone, so look around to be sure. After that, you can tick the box that says “Android Device Manager.”

Find Your Lost LG V30

If you want to remotely access your phone through another device using the Android Device Manager, you can do so to help you locate your lost or stolen LG V30. All you need to do is to go to the Android Device Manager page and track your LG V30 using GPS built in your phone.

After that, using the marvel of GPS will eventually track your device. A word of warning though, do not try to recover your device yourself, go to the proper authorities and let them do it for you. It is also noteworthy to mention that, for this method to be effective, the LG V30 must be connected to a WiFi network so that the GPS location can be tracked.

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Oct 30, 2017

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