How To Fix Galaxy S9 Keyboard Issue When Typing Horizontally

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is designed for convenience and as such it allows you to use it in both the vertical and horizontal directions. Using the Galaxy S9 in a horizontal position is not only convenient when you are reading something on the screen but also when you are typing.
Be default, Samsung have designed the Keyboard to adjust its vertical or horizontal orientation to match the one displayed on the screen. The keys of the keyboard should perfectly fit on the screen whether it is in the horizontal or vertical position.
It might come a time when you are no longer able to use the phone in the horizontal position when you are typing even though you were initially able to do so. Well, there is no need for panic and if it should be any consolation, you ought to know that some folks have also raised a similar issue. The issues raised have all come about the following points;

  • With some users, they can only be able to type well when they are browsing the Facebook Messenger app.
  • In some cases, users are unable to use or see the keyboard when the phone is in the horizontal position.
  • Some users also say that the keyboard doesn’t display at all even though it covers the entire screen.

In varying contexts, we all find some level of importance for typing on our Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones. Now that Samsung have made it possible to juggle between horizontal and vertical positions of the screen, we should be able to effectively use the keyboard in whatever position the screen is in.

To Fix the Keyboard Issue When Typing Horizontally On Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Reboot your Galaxy S9 device
  2. Wipe the Galaxy S9 cache partition
  3. Perform a factory reset of your Galaxy S9
  4. Consider replacing your Galaxy S9 through the warranty from an approved Samsung retailer

To Reboot The Galaxy S9 Device:

  1. Press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously on your Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Hold these buttons until the screen shuts down and the start of the reboot animation
  3. Let go of the buttons for the phone to restart

When the Galaxy S9 finished restarting you will need to open a webpage or an app in which you need to type something in the horizontal orientation. Check to see if the keyboard behaves accordingly.

To Wipe The Cache Partition on Galaxy S9

  1. Power off the Galaxy S9 device
  2. Long press the volume up, home button and power keys at the same time
  3. When you feel a vibration, release the power button
  4. When the Android system recovery screen is displayed, release the volume up and home button
  5. Use the volume down button to navigate through the options then highlight the wipe cache partition option
  6. Select this option using the power button
  7. Now initiate the reboot System Now option once again using the power button

Once you are done, your Galaxy S9 will restart and you can try to type with the screen in the horizontal position.

To Perform A Factory Reset

  • Back up all the data on your Galaxy S9 smartphone
  • Apply the steps on how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone

The hard reset is something you can do on your own but if you realize that none of the steps applied are successful in helping you enjoy typing on your phone with the screen in the horizontal position, you need to consider visiting a qualified and certified Samsung technician to assist you fix the issue. If you have the warranty for your Galaxy S9, it will be serviced at no charge.

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