How To Fix LG G6 Overheating Problem

Your LG G6 is an advanced smartphone with many powerful features, but like any phone it can overheat under certain circumstances. When smartphones start running too hot, the performance of the device drops precipitously and the battery is drained a lot quicker. Even though the LG G6 has a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB or RAM, if the phone is overheating, the performance will be terrible. In this article, I will present a number of possible reasons your LG G6 could be overheating, and some simple ways to fix an LG G6 overheating problem.

Solution 1: Do not use the phone while it is charging

This is the best tip to use if you’re concerned about your LG G6. A lot of power is transferred to the device when it is charging and this creates a lot of heat. If you try to use your LG G6 while it charges, it’s best to keep things to light usage. Especially avoid watching videos or playing games whilst charging.

Solution 2: Remove your phone’s case

Do you have a case on your LG G6? You should remove the case and see if the overheating problems stop. Some LG G6 cases can create overheating problems because the case is too thick and doesn’t let out the heat that the LG G6 is creating.

Solution 3: Reboot your phone

Sometimes it’s good to perform a quick reboot. You can power off your phone, give it a few minutes to cool down and then switch it back on again. Frequent restarts can often help improve performance as well.

Solution 4: Go low on your phone’s brightness

The LG G6 has a big, beautiful display, but it takes a lot of power and light to keep the display the running. All of this power and light translates straight into heat. If your device is starting to get hot, why not try reducing the brightness? You can reduce the brightness on the LG G6 by opening the settings app, tapping the display option and then using the slider to reduce the display brightness. This tip can help save battery too!

Solution 5: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS

Whenever you’re not using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or mobile data, make sure to switch them off. This can save you battery and it will also minimize the amount of heat the LG G6 is creating.

Solution 6: Check the apps running in the background

Background apps still take processing power from your LG G6 and these can often be the culprit to potential overheating issues. If you tend to use lots of apps, chances are there are dozens of applications eating away at your LG G6’s processing power. By closing these running apps you’ll be able to save battery and keep overheating problems to a minimum. Tap the button to the right of your home screen to bring up the recent apps page. You can then tap ‘clear all’ to close all running apps, or swipe each running app to close them individually.

Solution 7: Disable Bloatware

Are there any services that are running on your LG G6 that you don’t even use? If these services came with your LG G6 on day one, they’re considered bloatware. They weigh down your device’s power footprint and can cause battery drain and overheating problems. Thankfully, you can disable and uninstall most bloatware apps on the LG G6. Open the settings app and then tap on the option for application manager. Within the new menu, tap on ‘All’ to see all apps running on your device. Go through the list and disable or uninstall any apps you know you don’t lose

Solution 8: Software Updates

Sometimes software issues can cause overheating problems, so make sure to look out for software updates regularly. By performing software updates, you’ll be fixing any potential bugs and will often receive plenty of optimizations to help improve battery life and decrease overheating.

Do you have any other tips or techniques for fixing LG G6 overheating issues? If you do, then please share them with us in the comments!

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