How To Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Heart Rate Monitor Not Working

If you own a Samsung Galaxy J7 and you have a problem with the Heart Rate monitor, we’ll explain how you can fix this issue. Some have reported that the J7 heart rate monitor not working correctly and not very accurate. One simple solution that many don’t think about when fixing the heart rate monitor on the Galaxy J7 is removing the protection foil on it.
It’s important to note that the Samsung Galaxy J7 heart rate monitor has an adhesive protective film glued on the smartphone. This film protects the lens on the Galaxy J7 when it’s first delivered and many don’t notice the film when first using their Galaxy J7.
Below we’ll explain how you can fix the problem when the Galaxy J7 heart rate monitor is not working correctly. These instructions will also work to solve the heart rate problem on the Galaxy J7 as well.
How To Fix Galaxy J7 Heart Rate Monitor Not Working
The best material to remove the protective film over the Samsung Galaxy heart rate monitor is scotch tap. Place a piece of scotch tape and stick it on heart rate monitor sensor that has the protection foil over it. Now pull the scotch film off again, so the protection foil comes off the heart rate sensor.
After you remove the protective film, this should fix the heart sensor not working problem on the Galaxy J7.

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