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How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ‘Not Charging’ Issue

How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ‘Not Charging’ Issue

Although most Galaxy Note 8 smartphones are reliable and durable, some owners have complained of having issues with their Galaxy Note 8 charging properly. Some even thought that the issue was with the USB cable and bought a new charger to correct the issue. There are more effective ways of solving this issue of Galaxy Note 8 not charging correctly without getting a new charger.


The major causes of this issue will be highlighted below:

  1. It’s either the connectors on the device or the battery has been damaged, broken or bent.
  2. It can also be that your Galaxy Note 8 is defective.
  3. The battery might be damaged
  4. The charging unit or the cable might be damaged.
  5. Temporary smartphone issue
  6. Your Galaxy Note 8 is defective.


How to Reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Sometimes the reason why your Galaxy Note 8 is not charging is that you need to reset the software. This method might temporarily solve the problem. You can read the detailed, helpful tips here.


Defective Cables

The first thing you should consider checking when you are having charging issues with your Note 8 is the cable. Most times the charger cable has been bent and damaged; therefore your Galaxy Note 8 won’t charge. You can change the cable to a different cable to see if that will fix the issue. If the other USB cable works and your Note 8 start charging, you should get a new Galaxy Note cable charger.


Cleaning the USB Port to fix Charging issue

Another reason why your Galaxy Note 8 may not charge with USB is if there is dirt or lint blocking the connection between the USB and your Note 8. An effective way to fix this is by using a paper click to clean out the USB port. This has always been the major reason why Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does not charge properly. Also, make sure you carefully clean the USB port so as not damage or break anything with the paper click.


Contacting Authorized Technician for Support

If the problem persists after all the above methods, I will strongly advise that you take it to a certified Samsung Technician to help you take a look at it. It’s either they will repair it for you or give you a replacement under your warranty.


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