How To Lock Samsung Galaxy S9 Apps

Samsung couldn’t think of a better way to diversify the security access on the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone than introducing the fingerprint sensor. I must admit that it has taken over the smartphone industry by a storm.
In other words, the fingerprint scanner has revolutionized the way we unlock our smartphones and more specifically the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. A lot people have actually completed switched to the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner provides a theft proof security since there is no way someone is going to gain access to your smartphone without your fingerprints.
With the fingerprint scanner, you don’t have to type in your password which someone might take note of. There a lot of interesting fingerprint scanner features which you need to be aware of.
While the fingerprint scanner might be the optimal security you have been looking for, there are people who find it insufficient and hence they end up downloading third-party apps to help the secure their apps and other files. If you have very sensitive data on particular apps such as credit card information, you might also consider such an alternative. Third-party app locking apps can be used to secure apps such as WhatsApp and Photo Gallery.
With Samsung Galaxy S9, you are spared the trouble of downloading third-party apps because it comes with features that are designed to lock specific apps that you select. You can lock these specific apps using your fingerprints just the same way you lock and unlock your device. This will spare you the trouble of having to type in a pin every time you need to access these apps.
There are different ways through which you can lock apps on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. The two most commonly used methods are listed below. Go through both methods to decide which one you fancy using.

Fingerprint App Locker

Using the fingerprint app locker is quite simple and you only need to download and install the app from Google Play Store. Once you launch the fingerprint app locker for the first time, you will be required to provide your fingerprint so that the system can process and store it. Each time you provide your fingerprint for scanning to open an app, the fingerprint app locker will compare it to previously configured fingerprint on your Galaxy S9.

Once It Has Successfully Authenticated You, There Are Two Settings You Would Have To Tweak

  • Accessibility Settings – You need to set the Accessibility Settings of the Fingerprint App Locker to enable it have control over all the apps that are running on your Galaxy S9 device
  • Device Administrators control – This settings is meant to safeguard the app locker against unauthorized uninstallation

After tweaking the two settings listed above, you will be able to now activate the fingerprint security for all the apps installed on your device. select the specific apps you would like to lock using the Fingerprint App Locker then turn the locking toggle to ON from OFF.
As soon you activate the lock for those specific apps you selected, you will need to always provide your fingerprint for scanning anytime you need to access these apps. The fingerprint app locker works flawlessly without any hitches. One downside is that there is no failsafe for this app locker just in case it reaches a point where you can no longer use it. Unlike many other free apps, the fingerprint app locker will not bother you with relentless ads.

Fingerprint and Password App Lock

Well, there are app locking features that you can use besides the fingerprint scanner alone. These can come in handy especially when your fingerprint scanner gets damaged. The Fingerprint and Password App lock is one such app that can be used anytime anywhere with or without the fingerprint scanner on your Galaxy S9 smartphone. Using the Fingerprint and Password App locker gives you the choice of either typing in a password or using your fingerprint to unlock locked apps.
Although the fingerprint and password app locker can be installed on any Android device, only the Samsung Galaxy S9 and a few other Samsung devices can activate the fingerprint lock in particular. Why do you need the password when you can always use the fingerprint to unlock the apps? The answer is quite simple, sometimes we hurt our fingers or the sensor get faulty and fails to recognize your fingerprint. In such circumstances, the password can always come to the rescue thus helping you gain the much needed access to particular apps.
In short, the fingerprint and password lock is designed to accommodate unlock patterns, PIN codes, passwords and the fingerprint as a way of locking and unlocking apps on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.
Among the other settings that you will need to tweak is deciding how quickly an app should be locked again after you’ve unlocked it. Of course you wouldn’t want it to stay unlocked for long just in case some prying eyes got a glimpse of the sensitive information contained in the app. There also an option to enable the uninstall protection not just for the app locker but for all the apps installed on your Galaxy S9 smartphone. Enhance security can be achieved when you choose to use the app as a Device Administrator in the absence of lock/unlock power for your system apps.

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