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How To make Use of the Selfie Flash On Galaxy Note 8

How To make Use of the Selfie Flash On Galaxy Note 8

It is crucial to know that the megapixel on the new Note 8 has been reduced compared to older version. The new Galaxy Note 8 cameras come with 12-megapixel camera unlike the 16-megapixel of the Samsung Galaxy S6. However, the new Galaxy Note 8 has a better camera quality because it comes with few but larger pixels.

This new idea makes it easier for the autofocus feature to target and lock when you want to capture. A lot of the owners of the Galaxy Note 8 have passed glowing comments about the camera quality that comes with their Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The camera resolution is one of the best that you can get around now. However, the front camera of the new Galaxy Note 8 does not come with a LED flash. No need to be upset, you can still take pictures with the front camera with the help of a LED flash.

The name of this app is called Selfie Flash, and it was made to look similar to the iPhone screen flash. This idea of illuminating the face was invented by Apple, and Samsung copied the idea and had made it better.

1. The Selfie Flash is a software that only works with the front camera.

2. It works by making your screen appear white for a few seconds, thereby projecting the screen light to your face to capture the selfie.

3. The selfie is more illuminated, and the front camera makes it perfect.

4. The flash obtained is even better than the ones that the Apple devices can produce.

5. Combined with other amazing features like the Beauty Mode option and the Motion Photos option which makes your selfies look astonishing.

5. The Galaxy Note 8 also comes with a very powerful editing software that makes the picture to be cleaner and better.

Most Galaxy Note 8 users are not aware of this great feature because it is not that popular and because this is the first time that Samsung will be using it on their devices. If you want to know more on this feature, you can post a message, and I will reply as soon as possible. You should also stick around for more articles on how to use the amazing features that come with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Sep 15, 2017

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