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How To Make WiFi Signal Stronger On Nexus 6P

How To Make WiFi Signal Stronger On Nexus 6P

For those that own a Nexus 6P, you may want to know how to make WiFi signal stronger on the 6P. The reason for this is that you could be have a weak WiFi connection causing webpages to load slowly and even having a bad experience with apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube.
There could be several different reasons that the 6P Internet connection is slow and pages not loading. Before we explain the different ways to fix a make WiFi stronger on the Nexus 6P, below are some reasons why this problem is occurring on your smartphone.
Common reasons why 6P Internet is being slow:

  • Poor signal or low signal strength.
  • Poor Wi-Fi network.
  • Website is under heavy load or too many users accessing the website.
  • Network congestion or too many users of the network.
  • Apps running in the background.
  • Device memory is low.
  • Internet cache is corrupted or full.
  • Update the 6P firmware.
  • Outdated browser software or browser software requires update.
  • Exceeded data speed limit or speed reduction is reached.

Any of the reason above can cause for a slow WiFi connection on the 6P. After you have checked to see what is cause of the problem is behind the weak data connection, and you still can’t figure out how to fix the bad Internet problem, follow the instructions below on how to make the WiFi signal stronger on the Nexus 6P.
Scan 6P For Malware
If none of the above methods help solve the slow Internet connection on the Nexus 6P, check to see if there is malware on the phone. You can download a free anti-virus app from the Google Play Store. It’s recommended to download a malware app that has good reviews and feedbacks to get the best results to help fix the weak Internet problem on your 6P.
If something was detected during the malware scan, try clearing the cache and data on your 6P. If the problem continues after that, perform a factory reset on the 6P to bring back everything to default.  It’s important to note that before you go to factory reset a 6P, you should back up all files and information to prevent any data from being lost.
Clear caches on 6P
In most cases, the above method will help solve the slow Internet problem on the Nexus 6P. But if for some reason the 6P Internet is still slow, completing a “wipe cache partition” should fix this problem. This method deletes no data from the Nexus 6P. All data such as photos, videos and messages are not deleted and will be safe. You can perform the “Wipe Cache Partition“ function in the Android recovery mode. Read this guide to learn how to clear 6P phone cache.
Make sure WiFi is turned off on 6P
It’s very common that your 6P is still connected to a weak WiFi signal, and you should you check to make sure the WiFi disabled or turned OFF. The following will take you to the Wi-Fi settings of the 6P:

  1. Turn on the Nexus 6P.
  2. Select on Menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Connections.
  5. Select Wi-Fi.
  6. Touch the ON/OFF slider next to Wi-Fi to turn Wi-Fi OFF.

Get Technical Support
For those that have done everything they can to fix the slow Internet connection on the 6P, it’s suggested to take the smartphone back to the store or to a shop where it can be physically checked for any damaged. If proven defective by a technician, a replacement unit may be provided for you of it could be repaired.



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