How To Print From Your Chromebook

Posted by Heather on December 16, 2016
How to Print from Chromebook

Printing from a Chromebook doesn’t work in the traditional sense.  Such as the way you’d print pages from a Mac or Windows computer.  On those platforms, you go to the settings or system preferences, find your wireless printer on the network and set it up.  Then, once it’s added to your Printers you’re done and ready to print.

If you want to print from your Chromebook first, you’ve got to add your printer to Google Cloud Print.  To do that you need a Windows or Mac computer.  It gets done through the Google Chrome browser settings.

Sounds complicated, right?  It’s not, trust us.  Let’s go through the steps and get you printing from your Chromebook device.

Google Cloud Print Set Up

On your Mac or Windows desktop or laptop, open the Google Chrome browser.  Also, make sure that your printer is on and is detectable on your wireless network.  We’re using a Brother wireless printer and it works flawlessly.

  • In the Chrome browser, go to the upper right-hand side and click the three vertical dots.
  • Next, you’ll scroll down to settings for your Chrome browser and click it.
  • In the next Chrome browser window, scroll down and click on the blue link that says show advanced settings.
  • Go down to Google Cloud Print.  Then, click on the Manage button.                                  Cloud printing
  • Then, under Classic printers, click the add printers button.                                           classic printers
  • Now you should be on the Google Cloud print page and your printer should’ve gotten detected. It’ll get listed on the page.  Just click on the add printer button.  Your printer is now accessible from your Chromebook.  add printer

Remember, this setup can get established from a Mac or Windows computer.  It’s not recommended to do it on both. As that may mess up a setting that makes printing from the Chromebook possible, after following these steps first.

The printer or printers you add here become associated with your Google account.  Not only will you be able to print from your Chromebook device, but you’ll also have the capability of printing from wherever you’re signed in with your Google account.

Print from your Chromebook

If you haven’t already powered on and signed into your Chromebook, do so now.  Once you’ve found something you need to print, you should be ready to go.  Let’s do a test print from our Chromebook.

  1. Navigate to a printable page in your Google Chrome browser on your Google Chromebook device.
  2. In our example, we’ll print a recipe from Allrecipes.com for Big Soft Ginger Cookies.  Click on our link to the recipe from your Chromebook and print it.
  3. Then, go to the Printer icon and click it. You’ll see the printable version of the recipe page.  Next, click on the print icon again to do a test print on your Chromebook.                                                                         Chromebook Print test
  4. In the Google Print window that opens, change the destination to your printer.  The one you’ve associated with your Google account.  Then, click the print button and walla, you should’ve successfully printed from your Chromebook device.

You can also print a page from your Google Chrome browser on your Chromebook by clicking on the three verticle dots in the upper right of your Chrome browser.  Then, go to and choose the Print option.  Now you’re all set to print anything you need directly from your Google Chromebook.  Sweet!

See Your Printer from Chromebook Settings

On your Google Chromebook device, you can also check to make sure you see your printer is listed after you go through the Google Cloud Print set up.  Just click where your Google Account profile picture’s shown in the lower right-hand side of your Chromebook.

  • Next, click on the gear icon which is where your Chromebooks settings are.
  • Then, scroll down and click on the blue link that says show advanced settings.
  • Go down to Google Cloud Print.  Then, click on the Manage button.
  • Where it says My devices your printers name and Save to Google Drive are listed.

That’s a wrap.  You’ve learned how to set up Google Cloud print from your Mac or Windows computer and also can now print directly from your Google Chromebook.  We hope we’ve removed the confusion on how to print from your Chromebook and that you’re successfully able to do so after following our instructions.

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