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How to Rotate Home Screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How to Rotate Home Screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This might seem like a basic feature, especially for users who are used to utilizing custom third-party launchers on your smartphone, but Samsung is gifting users the ability to rotate the home screen to landscape mode inside the Samsung Experience UI.

The recently added feature further broadens the capabilities of users to customize their Samsung Galaxy smartphones as much as they want. If you are a fan of using landscape mode in certain applications, you can now easily do the same for your home screen to give you an all-around experience.

Currently, you can only perform this operation on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but you can check the settings of your Samsung devices if the feature is accessible on your device. Let us know in the comment section if you are one of the lucky ones and the type of Samsung device you use.

Otherwise, if you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the steps below will help you enable the screen rotation feature on your home screen.

1. Turn on your Galaxy Note 9 and launch the app menu
2. Open the Settings app
3. Click on Display
4. Select the Home Screen option
5. Click on the Home Screen again
6. Toggle ‘’Portrait Mode Only’’ to OFF
7. The Portrait Mode Only option will be turned off to allow Landscape mode

It is possible that you are not a fan of the Landscape mode, so you can follow the same steps to toggle off the landscape mode and enable Portrait mode on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Voila, it is that simple. We hope this helps our readers who are fans of the landscape mode. And don’t forget, if these steps worked for you on other Galaxy devices and smartphones of different brands; let us know in the comment section.

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Aug 16, 2018

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