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How To Solve Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Group Texts Error

Galaxy S8 group text errors can occur every now and then, but depending on their nature, you might be searching for a fast workout or be willing to wait a little longer and see how it goes.

One particular error, however, won’t let you ignore it because it actually prevents you from downloading group texts. The malfunction can manifest differently, in the sense that you either cannot download the texts at all or they seem to be downloading without success or without the process ever ending on its own.

  • Did you try to download a group text and just saw a small box with a message about its size and the date and time when it will expire?
  • Did you try to tap on the download button and nothing happens when you hit it?
  • Did you search for what appeared to be a successfully downloaded group text but you couldn’t find it anywhere on your phone, not in the Downloads folder and not anywhere else?


As bad as it looks and as annoying as it might be, you’re not alone in this problem. Other Samsung Galaxy S8 users have been confronting with the same things as the ones we have just described above. In our experience, there are only two probable causes:

  1. You do not have internet on your phone;
  2. You do not have the right APN settings.


The first problem can be easily solved by connecting to a wireless network or turning on the mobile data. These group text messages are considered, after all, MMS and you need the mobile data to receive them.

The second problem will require some assistance from your carrier. Pick up the phone and contact its support line. Ask the operator to provide you with the correct APN and to stay on the phone with you, guiding you on how to set up the new APN on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

One of these two should get your group text messages back, so do not stress out too much. Stick around and read other useful information on our website and, why not, drop us a note if you have other questions!

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Apr 5, 2017

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