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How To Solve Text Download On Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9

How To Solve Text Download On Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9

Have you ever received a text message with a photo attachment? With eagerness, you click on the download feature, but somehow a screen pops up indicating that the photo is being downloaded without any progress.

This can be incredibly frustrating because you cannot decide if your phone is stuck on the photo or if the photo is just taking a lot of time before download. You will often be in a dilemma. Should you restart the download or reboot your phone?

The real issue lies in the premise that your smartphone cannot download text messages with attachments which is proving to be a common occurrence among smartphones lately. This does not excuse the fact that it is an annoying ordeal to pass through.

Maybe you disregarded it the first time, but once it becomes a recurring issue, it is time you find a permanent solution to this problem for other messages that will likely include attachments.

Typically, the solution to the problem is relatively easy. A restart, for example, can fix the issue for good.

Another alternative method is to check whether your internet connection is faulty. A slow or non-existent internet connection can cause your download to hang. Either of your data or Wi-Fi connection is used to download so check both to ensure they are not the cause of the problem.

In severe cases where the usual methods do not work, and you cannot download the images to your Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 photo gallery, it might be time to contact your mobile carrier to help you fix your device APN settings.

APN settings when fixed or updated require technical expertise to carry out and only your mobile carrier can perform this function. So, your best option is to get in contact with the mobile network carrier so that if the problem is APN settings-related, you can quickly fix it.

Last but not least, when you discover that all efforts have failed and you really need the pictures attached to the text messages, a factory reset is your last resort, and it represents the most resourceful method.

Performing a factory reset is not a straightforward operation as you will need to back up device data before any resetting can be carried out. If it is necessary, then you should have no issues with performing a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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Aug 18, 2018

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