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How To Switch OFF And ON Safe Mode In Samsung Galaxy Note 8

How To Switch OFF And ON Safe Mode In Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a feature called the ‘Safe Mode.’ The Safe Mode gives Galaxy Note 8 owners access to their smartphone operating system in cases of troubleshooting issues with their device. Safe Mode is also effective when one of your apps is not working properly or when your Galaxy Note 8 keeps restarting itself.
With the Safe Mode switch ON, you can safely and securely uninstall apps that are not working properly or that is causing bug issues on your Galaxy Note 8. The Safe Mode allows you to uninstall defective apps without causing any internal damage to your device. Follow the instructions below if you will like to know how to Switch On/OFF Safe Mode on Galaxy Note 8.
How to properly use Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  1. First, you will need to switch off your Note 8
  2. Touch and hold down the Power/Lock button together until the ‘Note 8’ logo appears
  3. As soon as the logo appears, quickly hold the volume down button and remove your finger from the Power button.
  4. Hold the volume down button until your phone is done rebooting.
  5. If you get it right, a ‘Safe Mode’ should appear in the bottom left corner of the screen
  6. You can now let go of the Volume Down button
  7. To quit “Safe Mode” press the Power/Lock key and tap Restart

It’s important to point out that when your Note 8 is in safe mode, all 3rd-party applications will be disabled until you quit Safe Mode. This allows the device to load quickly so that you can uninstall or disable whatever is causing issues on your device and then restart back to normal mode.
How to quit Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  1. Restart your Note 8, and it will automatically go back to Normal mode.
  2. Load the recovery mode(Learn how to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 8)

There have been suggestions that some Note 8 models depending on the carrier will request that you press and hold the volume down to quit Safe Mode just as the same way you loaded it. The guide above will certainly help you to enter ‘Safe Mode’ on your Galaxy Note 8. Also, the guide will help you when your Galaxy Note 8 is having troubleshooting issues with apps.

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