How To Switch OFF Apple iPhone 10 Camera Shutter Sound

Posted by Sam Summers on October 3, 2018

The new iPhone 10 has an amazing camera that can produce pictures of high quality. Most people using the iPhone 10 have been saying a lot about the picture quality that the camera possesses. If you love taking pictures with your iPhone smartphone, then you should consider going for the iPhone 10.

Apple has designed the iPhone 10 to be able to be a device that will really represent their values and goals. With the iPhone 10, you do not need to move everywhere with your traditional camera anymore because the camera quality of the device is capable of producing a professional level of picture quality.

However, we all know that the camera quality of the iPhone 10 Is incredible and amazing, but there is one aspect of the mobile camera that Apple has intentionally ignored which is the ability to switch off the camera shutter sound of the iPhone 10.

There are some owners of the iPhone 10 that will love to be able to take pictures without their smartphone camera shutter sound. Although it is illegal in some areas of the world to switch off the camera shutter sound but most users don’t really see the need for the shutter sound.

There are some smartphones that you can mute the camera shutter sound by plugging your headphones; this will ensure that every audio that is produced by the smartphone will go directly into the headphone.

However, this method will not work on the iPhone 10 because Apple has designed the smartphone to be able to separate sounds, which means all notification sounds will still be produced by your smartphone even if you plug in your headphones.

But there is no need to be worried because there are other ways that you can use to switch off the camera shutter sound on your iPhone 10, and I will explain them below.

How To Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone 10

Mute / Turn Down volume – iPhone 10

One simple method of switching off the shutter sound on iPhone 10 is to use the Volume down key. Press and hold the key until your iPhone 10 vibrates and then you will be able to take pictures quietly.

Third Party Camera App

There are apps in the Applications store that you can download as an alternative option to the camera app. Most of these apps will allow you to take pictures silently on your iPhone 10. Go to your App store, search for camera apps and ensure you are picking a good one by reading the comments from people that I’ve downloaded the app before you proceed.

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