How To Turn OFF Camera Shutter Sound On Huawei P9

The latest Huawei P9 comes loaded with an amazing camera with real quality megapixels. However, most users have asked the question of how it would be possible to turn OFF the Huawei P9 camera shutter sound. The unwarranted attention the camera shutter sound draws when one is taking a selfie does not auger well with everyone.

For US citizens, turning OFF the camera shutter sound is illegal, as the law clearly stipulates that all cell phones containing digital cameras must produce a sound when taking a picture. The following guideline will show you how you can turn OFF the Huawei P9 camera shutter sound as well as how to lower the camera shutter sound on your Huawei P9.


How to mute or lower the volume of your Huawei P9 Camera shutter sound

The first way of turning OFF the camera sound of your Huawei P9 is by muting or lowering the volume on your device. You can achieve this by pressing the Volume Down key on the side of your Huawei smartphone until your phone goes into vibration mode. When your phones volume tone is on mute on your Huawei P9, the camera sound will not be heard when you take a picture.


Plugging your headphones in does not work

Another great concept of turning OFF the camera sound on your Huawei P9 that doesn’t work is by plugging your headphones into your smartphone. In most cases, plugging your headphones in ensures that all sound from your device play through your headphones rather than the smartphone, but not with Huawei P9. With Huawei P9, this method does not work as the smartphone has a way of separating the media audio tunes from the notification sounds. As such, the shutter sound will still play normally through the speakers.


Try using a 3rd party camera app

Alternatively, you could try using a 3rd party camera app to try and turn OFF the Huawei P9 camera sound. This is because the stock android camera app will normally play a shutter sound when taking a picture, but not all the camera applications do this. As such, you can try searching for different applications on your Google Play Store and test them to check the app that doesn’t make the shutter sound when taking a picture on your Huawei P9.

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