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How To Use LG G7 Fingerprint Sensor

How To Use LG G7 Fingerprint Sensor

We all know that owning an LG G7 costs a lot of money and it is a great feature to have a Fingerprint reader as your first line of security. It is highly recommended to use the Fingerprint Sensor when using Android Pay, getting into apps and websites using your fingerprint as your password.

For G7 owners who would want to know more about how to use the Fingerprint Sensor follow these steps to set it up. Go to Settings, Tap on Lock screen and security, then Screen lock type then Fingerprints. When you reach this point follow the instructions to set up the fingerprint scanner on your G7. Once you know the steps, you can then add more fingerprints or remove them.

One of the best reasons for enabling your Fingerprint reader is for you to use your thumbprint to unlock your smartphone. This gives added security for your G7 because we all know that there are no 2 fingerprints that are alike. You can also set this up for websites that need you to log-in by using your fingerprints.

How to Activate Fingerprint Lock on LG G7

The LG G7 gives users an easy way to protect your smartphone by using the built-in fingerprint scanner. A very secure and simple way to protect your device without the use of confusing patterns and passwords. Here is how you can set it up:

  1. Turn on your smartphone
  2. Go to your Lock screen and Security found in Settings
  3. Choose on Fingerprint and then Add fingerprint
  4. Follow the steps until 100% of your fingerprint gets scanned
  5. Choose a backup password
  6. Choose Ok to turn On Fingerprint Lock
  7. Now to unlock your phone simply place your finger on the Home button

You have now taken advantage of one of the best security features on the G7. This will surely keep your device safe from unwanted access.

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