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HTC One M9 Lock Screen Password Reset

HTC One M9 Lock Screen Password Reset

It’s common that you may forgotten your HTC One M9 Lock Screen Password or Pin and need a reset to the HTC One M9. A solution that almost always work is completing a hard factory reset on the HTC One M9. It’s important to note that this method could possible erase and delete all data.
If you don’t want to lose any data from the HTC One M9, there are three other ways to bypass the lock screen password on the HTC One M9 without losing all your data and important information. The following three methods will help fix and reset a forgotten HTC One M9 Lock screen password.
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Unlock Your HTC One M9 with the Android Device Manager
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  1. Visit the Android Device Manager on a computer.
  2. Accept the tracking agreement, then locate your HTC One M9 on the screen.
  3. Enable “Lock & Erase”.
  4. Follow the steps to lock your phone and set a temporary password.
  5. Enter the temporary password on your HTC One M9.
  6. Set a new pin/password.

Factory Reset Your HTC One M9

  1. Press and hold both the “Volume Down” & “Power” buttons at the same time.
  2. Release the buttons when the three-Android screen appears.
  3. Press the “Volume Down” button to select “Factory Reset”, then press the “Power” button.

Unlock Your HTC One M9 with a phone call
Using another phone, call your HTC One M9.
When your HTC One M9 is ringing, you’ll be able to answer it with entering the password
While the call is connected, go to the “Home Screen”, then “Settings”, and after that go to “Security” to reset your screen lock password.


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