iPhone Keeps Rebooting Itself: How To Fix This Problem

For those iOS users that continuously have their iPhone keeps rebooting over and over, after it has been working normal, this can become a headache. In addition, sometimes the iPhone suddenly begins to turn off several times without warning and begin to reboot out of nowhere. There are some solutions when the iPhone keeps rebooting itself. One method would be to attempt some of the following solutions to help fix when an iPhone keeps rebooting with an Apple logo. The best option would go to an Apple Store and get the iPhone replaced or fixed as soon as possible.
It’s common for an iPhone keeps rebooting on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s or any other model of the iPhone. The first thing to check is to see if the iPhone is still covered under Apple Care. Go to the Apple Support Page, and entering the serial number of the iPhone to see if an iPhone is still covered under Apple Care. It’s important to note that if the iPhone keeps rebooting after water damage has occurred to the device, then the Apple Care warranty is voided.
Having the iPhone under Apple Care when an iPhone keeps restarting can help you save some money. The reason for this is because the warranty will repair any damages at no cost to you. Get the iPhone checked out by Apple Support if you have an iPhone that keeps rebooting, shutting off or freezing.
Older Models, Out of Replacement Period etc.
For those that don’t have Apple Care, but still have problems when an iPhone keeps rebooting. The following are some different methods that can help fix this issue.
Faulty App: Some apps use a lot of battery, and sometimes those apps force an iPhone to keeps restarting itself. If you believe an App is causing this issue, attempt to delete it it. 
Delete the app -> Reboot your iPhone -> Sync with iTunes and see if this sorts the issue.
Turn ON/OFF Cellular: Some times an iPhone keeps rebooting itself over and over when there is an issue with the cellular data. The best way to fix the iPhone from restarting would be to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data, then turn the toggle to “Off” and then back “On”. You can also go to the Apple Support Page for an example of how to fix this issue, take a look at this.
Restore Old Backup: If none of the methods above work to help fix iPhone rebooting issue, this method could do the trick. First, connect your iPhone to iTunes and then restore from an old backup that you have done. After the back up has been completed the iphone keeps restarting itself over and over again issue are generally fixed.
Recovery Mode & Restore Method: This method is a great way to help fix the issue when an iPhone keeps rebooting over and over. Even though it seems easy to fix an iPhone when it keeps restarting itself,
Steps to fix when an iPhone keeps rebooting with Apple logo :

  1. Hold the “Power” and “Home” button at the same time until the screen goes blank
  2. Next, connect to iTunes. It will “detect” the iPhone in “recovery mode
  3. You can only restore now so restore your iPhone when the iPhone keeps rebooting itself.

The instructions above should have fixed the issue of the iPhone that keeps rebooting. When you put your iPhone into recovery mode, all data will be deleted as the settings will be like new. It’s important to back up all data on the iPhone before attempting to fix any issues when an iPhone keeps rebooting over and over.


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