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LG G7 Battery Drains Fast (Solution)

LG G7 Battery Drains Fast (Solution)

Bragged as one of the top smartphones in 2017, LG G7 blasts its way into retail stores like a  hurricane. Notwithstanding the great reports it’s been getting so far, the only complaint LG G7 purchasers whine about their device is that their battery drains super fast. Smartphone specialists hypothesized that the issue is the result of bugs that must be resolved. Being a master on any smartphone issues like the LG’s flagship phone, the LG G7, we’ll be teaching you in this guide what you should need to do about the battery draining issue of your LG G7. So are you ready to take our informative ride? Then fasten your seatbelt and let the journey begin!

Perform a Reboot or a Reset on your LG G7

A lot of concerns are resolved by factory resetting your device, especially those caused by software problems. It’s because your LG G7 will be completely fresh, just as the first time you have purchased it. If you want to dive deeper on as to how to get through this action, proceed to this guide: how to hard reset the G7.

Always Disable or at least Manage Background Applications

Just a we discussed in an earlier article, background applications drain your LG G7’s battery rapidly. So we advise updating it from time to time to enhance your LG G7’s battery life. To perform this, sweep down your screen to access settings. Find the Sync option then tap to disable it.

Another way to perform this feat is by heading to the Settings app > Accounts > Disable Sync for the selected application. One more thing, deactivate Facebook, you’ll notice a large difference in your LG G7’s battery life.

Deactivate the Bluetooth, LTE, and Location if not Needed

Everyone with a phone uses and needs these three services from time to time. Yet, when it’s still ON even though you’re not using them, really empties your LG G7’s battery super rapidly. Bluetooth in particular causes major battery drain. Deactivate these three features when you don’t need them, to save battery. You can also utilize power save mode to keep things under control if you don’t want to deactivate. This feature allows your Location to only be initiated only when needed, like for navigation.

Always Activate the Power Save Mode of your LG G7

Android’s built-in ability to manage battery power is one of it’s best features. It can strategically restrict apps and services that use alot of batter. It will only activate them when it’s most likely that you’ll want to use them. It can reduce framerate, touch key lights, screen brightness and processing power. It does a fantastic job of managing power draws on your battery.

Not Using the Wifi? Then Deactivate it for a While

If it’s possible to turn off your wifi, doing so will increase your usable battery time. This is particularly true if you’re moving around. When you leave the range of your wifi network, the device will constantly try to reconnect. It will attempt connecting to every wifi network that you come within range of. This drains the battery exceptionally quickly. Use your mobile data connection instead when moving about.

Replace the TouchWiz Launcher with Another App

When you’re having trouble with battery life, getting rid of big power drain apps like TouchWiz LAuncher can help. Nova Launcher achieves the same general purposes with less battery drain.

You Should Minimize the Amount of Tethering

Tethering is a major energy drain. If you need to save battery, avoid sharing your signal with other devices.

In overall, the battery of your LG G7 shall serve you for a day. Nevertheless, if you want to be filled with extra battery life that will make you last longer especially when you’re playing on your LG G7 the whole day, we recommend that you always bring an external battery pack with you so you’re always ready for action!

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