The Mint Cases Rustic MacBook Air Leather Slip Case

Posted by Jim Tanous on October 20, 2013
Mint Cases Review MacBook Air

The case market for Apple products is as large and diverse as the capabilities of the devices themselves. From form-fitting clamshells, to folios, to humorously designed manila folders, it seems there’s a case style and design for just about everyone. With such a wide variety of cases, however, it’s hard for products to stand out (an Amazon search for “MacBook case” returns 237,000 results). It takes a special combination of style and quality to create a truly high quality case, and we think we found a great example of this with the MacBook Air Cases from Mint Cases.

Mint Cases offers a simple line of leather slip cases for the MacBook Air and iPad. Available in a variety of colors, the cases, all handcrafted in the United States, promise to protect your laptop or tablet with a beautiful leather exterior and soft felt interior. The company sent us a Rustic MacBook Air Case and we’ve spent the last few weeks using it as the primary case for our 13-inch MacBook Air.

Mint Cases Review MacBook Air

The case itself arrives in a cloth bag along with a nice “thank you” card. Upon opening the bag and removing the case, the first thing you’ll notice is the wonderful aroma of leather. Like a fine pair of shoes or a well-conditioned jacket, the smell of the leather screams class and quality.

Once it’s out of the bag, usage is obviously simple. This isn’t a case that you’ll keep on your Mac as you use it, like some of the plastic clamshell products. Rather, the case will protect your device as it’s carried from meeting to meeting, thrown in your bag, or left out anywhere potential harm could find the MacBook.

Mint Cases Review MacBook Air

It’s important to note that the case does not fully enclose the MacBook Air; thanks to its slip cover style, the Mint Rustic Case leaves one end permanently open. This allows for quick and easy insertion and removal of your device, but it also means that things like liquid, food, or even the paw of a curious pet will have an open entryway to your MacBook.

Mint Cases Review MacBook Air

Ultimately, this is a tradeoff between accessibility and protection. Some similar cases have flaps that fold down and secure with buttons or magnets to keep the opening edge of a case shut during transport. But the Mint case has nothing in the way that will slow you down. Even with the opening, the case is form-fitting enough to hold the MacBook snug, but not tight enough that it becomes difficult to remove.

Mint Cases Review MacBook Air

The exterior comes in a variety of colors and textures and feels great to hold. It’s made from real top-grain cowhide leather, so the natural variations in color and markings on each individual case gives it a great genuine look and feel. Inside, the case is lined by soft wool felt, which adds extra cushioning to protect the enclosed MacBook and prevents scuffs and scratches. While a longer trial period is necessary to truly judge the overall durability of the case, the stitching and finish held up perfectly during the roughly two weeks we used it.

Mint Cases Review MacBook Air

Perhaps best of all, the case adds no significant weight to your MacBook’s svelte design. Mint Cases says that the 13-inch case weighs about a pound, but we hardly noticed any additional weight. The smooth leather exterior also slides easily in and out of bags. Protection and looks aside, the process of handling and carrying a MacBook in the Mint case actually feels better than carrying one without a case.

Make no mistake, the Mint Cases Rustic MacBook Air Case isn’t for everyone. If you’re constantly working outdoors in the wind and rain, or in dirty or dusty environments, you’ll want a case that completely seals the MacBook. But if you’re like most people, who just want a way to safely transport their Mac to school and work, the MacBook Air case from Mint Cases is a fantastic option, especially at just $59 (most other high quality leather cases cost significantly more). The beautiful look and smell of leather will certainly turn heads at your next meeting or get-together, and you’ll know that your device is safe and secure during transport.

Mint Cases products are available now for the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air and full-sized iPad. Prices start at $39. The model we reviewed was the 13-inch Rustic MacBook Air Case in the “Brown” color. As we mentioned earlier, the cases are handcrafted by Mint Cases employees when they’re ordered, so expect a 5 to 8 business day delay to allow for assembly.

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