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Can MIUI Be Installed on Any Phone?

Can MIUI Be Installed on Any Phone?

MIUI apps are among the best Android apps available. These are apps made for Xiaomi phones, and despite the recent drama revolving around them, they’re very reliable. If you look up MIUI app installation guides for other phones, except Mi and Redmi, you’ll see a lot of shady stuff.

MIUI apps can be installed on any Android phone (but not on iPhone) without having to use any third-party programs or side loading. How can you install these apps? It’s very simple. Basically, you just download them directly from Google Play.

How to Install MIUI Apps on Any Android Phone

There are many great MIUI apps, the best of which will be featured below, alongside their installation instructions. By rights, you shouldn’t use third-party software and sketchy online guides or tools for this!

If you have a warranty on your phone, that could breach it. The method we’re about to showcase is 100% safe; it doesn’t involve anything shady or third-party. You’ll get direct Google Play Store links for every app.

Use Google Play Store

Google Play Store is really polished, regularly updated, and easy to use. Some of the best MIUI apps can be found here, including Mi Launcher, Mi Drop, Mi Controller, File Manager, and POCO Launcher 2.0.

There are many other great Xiaomi apps, but these are some of the best ones. Without further ado, let’s get into the setup instructions for each of these great apps. Note that installation might not work on your phone, and that you may get an error message notifying you about that. Sadly, there’s nothing you can do to fix this. This means that the app is simply not compatible with your system.

Install Mi Launcher

You might like the Mi launcher if you’ve used it before. It’s very lightweight, which is a big advantage. However, it’s not nearly as polished as the POCO Launcher. To each their own, some may still prefer the Mi launcher. Here’s the Play Store link.

Install Poco Launcher 2.0

The Poco Launcher 2.0, a signature launcher for the Poco Xiaomi phone series, is one of the most popular launchers, and has tons of customization options. Still, it’s very minimalistic and stylish. It comes with a lot of animations, themes, and wallpapers. Obviously, it’s a little demanding in terms of storage space.

Install Mi Drop

MiDrop is totally ad-free which makes it even more attractive. This app has an incredible rating on the Play Store, and really deserves it. It’s a peer to peer file transfer app that doesn’t even need an internet connection to work. Its other name is ShareMe. It’s very simple and useful, you’re sure to like it.

mi drop

Install Mi Controller

The Mi Remote Controller is another great MIUI app. You can use it to control an array of household devices, including air conditioning, DVD players, TVs, cameras, and much more. Not only that, it works on most popular brands, but also some little known brands as well. Look at its official page to see if your device is supported.

Install Mint Browser

Mint Browser is an incredibly lightweight app, and yet it has really great features. You can use it for data saving, incognito browsing, it even has an automated ad-block feature. The UI is really slick, it has a night mode, and doesn’t drain your phone battery fast. Check it out if you’re bored with your designated browser.

Install File Manager

File Manager is possibly the best MIUI app ever. Currently, it has nearly one and a half million downloads, and has a whopping 4.9 rating on the Play Store! What more confirmation do you need that this is an epic tool? You can use this file manager to load just about any type of media, documents, office files, etc. It’s integrated with Mi Drop so you can use the two apps in unison. Frankly, this app is equally good as the Windows File Explorer, only for mobile.

file manager

Enjoy All These Great Apps

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Only the major MIUI apps were covered in this article, which work on most Android phones. You should also check out the App Vault, Mi Video, and Mi Calculator. Just look up their global Android links in the official Google Play Store.

Don’t bother sideloading these apps, this method is far safer, quicker, and easier. Once you start using these Mi apps, you’ll see how much better they are compared to their counterparts. Which app on our list is your favorite? Did you manage to install it without trouble? Let us know in the comments section below.

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